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Getting in the right mind set for birth-

Since having Savannah i have had a little bit of a hard time getting pregnant for the second time.So my mind set has not been the best especially after the last miscarriage where i was really unwell.So i knew this time around i was going to have some challenges with labour and getting my head around the new baby arriving.I have felt very aware of the labour and also about how i will cope after.I thnik when you have your first baby you dont realise how hard it will be and so it seems a little easier to get your head around it.I decided i needed to get some help and tools set in place so that i didnt crumble under the presure of labour and the new born faise.Here are some of the things i have found have really helped me to get ready for the birth.


I had previously done hypnobirthing with a fantastic lady in Greenwich when i was pregnant with Savannah and i belive it really heed me to be conficetn in my birth and choose the correct choices going throught the labour for me.I also beoive that since having Savannah i really have learnt to use osme of the tools from the course in every day life.After having Savannah alot of you will know that my mental health has been up and down like most mums and had found some things a challenge.So to be able to have some tools to calm me down and make life easier was a win win situation.


I started doig yoga when i lived in the alps (mainly bacsue the instructor was a super attractive french man that all my friends were lushing over)but i found it really helped me with my mind body and soul.Since then i have found it a challenge to find a instructr as good as him he lived and breathed the yoga and hes whole life was reflecetd on this.I have been to many new classes and found that alot of the have juts been like excercies classes which wasnt for me.So when a frined mentioned bout a local pregnancy class i wasnt sure about it but went along anyway.The class was so good and the teacher lived yoga like i belived she should so have done that each week on a tuesday since about three months.I loved it so much that Savannah now goes to the kids yoga with her also and loves it, it has deffinetly calmed her down and is the cutest when she says little namaste quotes!


I started getting into meditation at the end of yoga lasses just a 5/10 minute session just to feel relaxed and zen at the ned of a session.Since realising how fab this was for me i know try and do a calm app meditiaon or hypnobirthing 10-20 mminutesession every night just before sleep.It really helps me to wind down and switch off and also put my phone down!

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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