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Joolz Aer travel lightweight stroller

The The Joolz Aer travel stroller is an absolute dream to use, I was gifted it when Juno was around ten months old and at the time I was using the Baby Zen Yo-yo and I didn’t have any complaints with it.Since trialing the Aer I have realised how much I prefer it to the YoYo and how much more the Aer stroller suits me.

The Aer is a sleek lightweight stroller with lots of features that really make it a fab stroller.From it’s impressive storage, long seat, easy recliner and five point harness it really is one to get your hands on.

Here are just a few of the Aers positives-

•Easy assess storage

•Sleek look

•Sustainable materials


•lifetime warranty

•Easy recliner

•Five point harness


•Big sundae with upf50

•Phone or keys storage

•shoulder strap

•Resonable price

The Aer can be used from 6 months up to the weight of 18kg, the seat is big which is brilliant if you grow longer children like me!The sunshade has a zip compartment which can make it bigger which is fab as if it’s raining a little you don’t have to grab the rain cover.It also has upf50 which is a brilliant idea if it’s bright and sunny.The recline of the seat is one of my favourite feactyres compared to other strollers I found the Aer to be much easier to lay down and not disrupt the baby to much whilst doing so.It has a really well padded seat and since using this with Juno she has had no problem sleeping in it.I love that the canopy has a mesh piece so that whilst baby or toddler is sleeping you can keep a eye on them and check they are ok.

The other feature I love is the leather covered handle bar and the width of it, unlike other strollers of it’s kind it managed to have a sturdy and good size bar.This helps to give the stroller such good control and the stroller it’s a dream to push even with one hand whilst carrying shipping.

I choose the black design as it’s sleek and is fab for any gender it is also made from recycled plastic bottles and I love the idea of helping the planet with making sure I recycle and working with Joolz always makes me feel good about this as for every pushchair they sell they plant a tree! (How incredible is that)

The stroller comes in three different designs black, grey and green.

The stroller is super easy to store away and folds up to a super cute size.The stroller folds up with a one click button which is really helpful if you are struggling to hold a child at the same time.The break is also super placed in the middle of the foot bar and is a good size.So if you are wearing flip flops or open toe shoes you don’t have to hurt your toe to use it like some other strollers!

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