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Yoyo+ Buggy review-

We have been so lucky to be gifted a travel system from Mothercare to review and we thought long and hard about which one to choose. In the end, we decided to choose the Babyzen Yoyo+ which is an updated version of the original Yoyo. We had heard great things about it through friends and read a few reviews to make our final choice. Here's what we thought about the travel system.


So first and foremost I have a little thing for buggies, strollers and travel systems and how they look. I just think that once you become a mum, having a buggy that shows of your style is important and the Yoyo travel system does just that. With its sleek lines and fab array of colours to choose from it is up to date with the times. The Yoyo+ is available in eight colours and even comes with two different frame colours. The fact that it is so stylish and makes you think it costs more than it does, also makes you want to show it off.

Lightweight /Easy for travel-

The Yoyo+ is a lightweight pushchair which can now be used from-birth which is super as we can use it straight away. It is perfect for travel which was one of the big pluses for us as we want to try and travel as much as we can whilst baby is smaller as its a lot easier to travel with a newborn than a toddler. The Yoyo+ folds down small enough to pop into the overhead luggage as hand luggage which is a huge win-win. Meaning you can use the buggy through check-in and duty-free right up until you are on the tarmac and ready to board. (Perfect if child/baby is asleep) the Yoyo also comes with a strap that means you can carry it over your shoulder!


It steers like a dream is how my hubby put it, after having previous buggies that pull and are hard to handle with two hands this was an absolute delight to push. With such ease and with only one hand (great for if you are needing to carry the baby whilst pushing or having to hold on to the older siblings hand) it made it effortless to push.

Break System-

We also found the brake system very reliable and easy to use, the break is situated on the right-hand side of the buggy and was even easy to use whilst wearing flip flops which I loved. The brake pedal is pretty small so I wasn't expecting it to be as powerful and quick as it was. We were very impressed.


Babyzen Yoyo+ have gone to town with all the extras and add ons you can purchase from newborn packs, buggy boards, shopping bags, parasol, cup holder, footmuffs and car adaptors. You can make your Yoyo+ unique to you. They have just launched the Yoyo bag which I fell in love with straight away it's not cheap but is great as it attaches to the chassis and doesn't have to hang from the handle, the bag also effortlessly carries 10kg which is perfect for a shop. The storage under the buggy that the Yoyo provides isn't the best and on the little small side so I would advise buying one of these especially if you have a newborn.


  • Lightweight and compact

  • one-handed steering

  • Suitable from birth - 15kg

  • Pop up canopy with three positions

  • Weighs 6kg

  • An array of amazing colours to choose from (8 in total).

  • Five-point harness

  • Able to use a car seat with.

  • Soft drive system

  • UP 50 hood

  • Peekaboo window

  • Rain cover with separate bag

  • can be used as a high chair in a restaurant if you lay the handles down

  • removable fabrics for cleaning.

  • lots of fab accessories

Cons -

  • Handles are not extendable and with a tall hubby this isn't great.

  • pricey

  • Fiddly recliner strap

  • The basket under the buggy is pretty small

I was gifted this item in return for an honest review and coverage on my Instagram from Mothercare.

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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