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The Hospital bag -For the Four of us!

It has finally been packed and it has made me feel kind of ready for the baby to arrive. Last time I planned for a home birth so didn't have a hospital bag as such, I laid all the products and things that I thought I would need on our dining table next to the Birthing pool. Then when we had to transfer to the hospital at the last minute my husband just swept it all from the table onto a perfect suitcase. This time I have to be more organised and have a proper think about what I need, I also need to pack for hubby, Savannah and baby. So here is the list so far ha ha!

Mummys bag-

  • Lulu Guinness suitcase (Hubby bought me when we first dated, sentimental)

  • Maternity knickers - bag of 8 from Aldi

  • Big black unsexy knickers – Asda George - £4 for pack of 4

  • Nightie for labour

  • Dressing gown

  • Headband /Hair bands/ Hair grips/ Hair brush

  • Flip Flops – Havanans I live in them and they are great for the toilet run or shower in hospital.

  • Fan – Bought from John Lewis for £12 and has saved me this summer through my pregnancy.

  • Phone Charger – I-phone classic

  • Fresh set of clothes including Knickers to leave hospital – I chose a new ASOS nursing top and leggings so not to tight around certain areas!

  • Hoodie-hubbys one for comfort and for the smell to feel like I'm at home

  • Flannel – To wash and keep me cold when in labour

  • Headphones – To help me keep me in my hypnobirthing zone and block out any scary noises at the hospital or other women in labour

  • Eye mask — to keep me calm and relaxed during labour, or to let me get some sleep once baby is born

  • Face mask -To keep my face cool during labour & to try and take my mind of labour (iroha)

  • scamp and dude wash bag-Mini versions of shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, Hair serum, Hair bands, grips, boobie cream, razor

  • Make up bag ( i doubt ill use but just incase.

  • Paracetamol/Arnica tablets - for labour after & hubby

  • Hand cream - For hubby to massage my hands & arms to calm me in labour

Bits to help me during labour-

(it's a good idea to keep them in a smaller bag so birth partner can access them easily.)

  • Essential Oils/diffuser – Lavender, Peppermint, Clary Sage

  • Water jug-help with peeing after birth and also helps with pain down below

  • Yes, mum affirmation cards-The birth thing *gifted

  • Birthing ball

  • Cool pack/Hot water bottle-comfort in labour

  • Snacks/ food

  • Bananas - For my hideous cramp & for energy

  • Energy tablets

  • Cold bottled water

  • Mints/chocolate

  • Present from baby to Savannah

  • Thank you card and present for the midwives they have just managed to bring your beautiful baby in to this world so deserve a treat!

Baby Bag for hospital

Savannahs Bag -

  • Blanket – Comforter as she won't be with me

  • School uniform

  • knickers & vests

  • School coat & Shoes

  • School reading bag

  • Water bottle

  • Pjs & dressing gown

  • Wash bag inc tooth paste and toothbrush

  • Bath bomb as a little treat

  • Hair bands/Hair brush

  • Treats and sweets

  • Book for bed time

  • Toys

  • Hubby's Bag-

  • Spare outfit

  • Food

  • Snacks

  • Drinks

  • Wash bag

  • Phone charger.

Don't forget the Car Seat – MAXI COSI Racheal Zoe liMITED edition car seat *Gifted Azaria.

Thank You

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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