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Dressing the bump & beyond-

So what can we say about maternity wear? Not much to it, it's either stripes, dungarees, or bad slogan tees that aren't very flattering. So this time around I wanted to try some new brands out that I hadn't before. I started trying to not over order on Maternity wear and find outfits that would take me through pregnancy and beyond. I shop a lot, mostly at night on my phone and love a cheeky next day delivery it's just too easy. But since being pregnant I have tried to think harder about what I buy and if I'll be able to wear it for longer than usual. I hope to breastfeed the newborn, so I also needed to make sure that any items I bought would be good and have easy access to do so. Here are some of my finds -

Tilbea is a range of maternity and nursing wear bought to you by two fabulous sisters who know their stuff. They have supplied such great pieces in their ranges that honestly make you feel normal and not just like a frumpy mum. Their range includes breastfeeding basics, maternity dresses and nursing dresses from sizes X Small to X Large. The sizes are really honest and made me feel great as for once I wasn't an X Large (and this is in maternity). The materials they use are great for washing and don't fade and they are also really good for being up to date with fashion and not dull, to say the least. They even have a sparkly dress that is perfect for the Christmas season that is fast approaching! The nursing tops are designed for pure ease and have slips underneath so you can keep covered as much as you wish. This is great for when you first breastfeeding and feeling nervous out in public. The prices start from as low as £25 and are well worth the price.

I have always loved the dresses and different styles that SilkFred provide but I had never considered them for maternity wear until now. When SilkFred offered to send me some products I was honestly worried that they would all be to tight and not fit me, especially not the bump. I choose a few dresses and a top. Three out of the four were amazing and honestly shocked me, I choose their wrap dresses as then I will be able to use for nursing. Also, they will be good for the colder months with some tights boots and a leather jacket. They are well cut and hang perfectly of the bump. I wore one to a christening and had so many lovely compliments. So I am really happy with them and would buy from them in the future. I have also worn one of the dresses over a T-shirt and jeans which I will continue to do once the baby is here as a good way to protect the baby when I'm breastfeeding.

Milk tops London is a chilled out brand specialising in nursing tops to challenge the stereotype. They mainly design tops but do have a gorgeous dress also that is perfect for nursing with side access. My favourite top has to be the classic black nursing shirt which I can't wait to wear once bubba is here. The material is perfect and breathable also very flattering. I love the v neck designs and three quarter length sleeve which means I can wear it most of the year. The designs are really simple but effective and are perfect for nursing with comfort.

I spend most of my money with ASOS, so becoming pregnant wasn't going to stop this. They have a great range of maternity wear but I have managed to buy a few outfits that weren't maternity. These items have been the go to outfits I've won mostly in the day which has made me feel confident and comfortable during the pregnancy. I love this leopard print dress above it has managed to dress me through from 3 months until the end!

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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