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The Birth Thing - Hypnobirthing


The Birth Thing is a complete birth education course that offers expectant parents tools for a calm and comfortable birth. Katy Baker who is the teacher for the course is so lovely and down to earth and instantly makes you feel relaxed and eager to learn more.

Katy follows the yesmum® birth project syllabus, designed by Hollie De Cruz who is also the owner of The Yes Mum positivity cards that you may have heard of before, these are great through your pregnancy but also I like to use them around the house to keep my spirits up and to make me feel positive.

The course is extremely detailed, but a thoroughly modern approach on birthing and pregnancy. The hypnobirthing course really is a great tool for pregnant mums and their partners to use through out.

I don't want to spoil the course for you as I believe every pregnant women should defiantly attend a course or try one online.I found that the course completely made me feel confidence in myself to have the birth I needed and wanted, also to know what was best for my child.

I had previously done hypnobirthing when pregnant with Savannah but I had done the class a lot later in the pregnancy, I believe it is good to do it earlier as then you can use some of the tolls and tips through the pregnancy to help calm you and make you feel like you have it under control. Especially when going to midwifes, scans and general hospital appointments. These appointments can all be a little scary so knowing what you want and how you see the pregnancy and birth going can really help.

By signing up to my course, you will be in the best position to prepare for a positive birth experience; because as stated in the course knowledge is power! It gives you the confidence to choose what you want and follow the path you need.

In the one day course with Katy you will cover the following-

  • The philosophy of hypnobirthing (which absolutely does NOT involve swinging pendulums or clucking like chickens)

  • The physiology of birth (the science bit; how our bodies are designed to birth our babies)

  • The importance of connecting both mind and body

  • How to fear birth less and be fearless (because fear dramatically affects our birthing body)

  • The practice of deep relaxation and tools to use during pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond

Included in all The Birth Thing courses:

  • Your Baby, Your Birth book by Hollie de Cruz

  • 3 x MP3s (1 x Affirmation MP3, 1 x Relaxation MP3, 1 x labour companion MP3)

  • Printed course companion

  • Invitation to join WhatsApp group for post course support from myself and your course friends

  • Access to the yesmum®️ birth project Facebook Student Hub where you can ask questions, read other student’s birth stories and remain supported throughout your birthing journey

  • Ongoing, personal support from myself following the course via email, WhatsApp or phone.

If you're anxious about giving birth and wanting something to help hypnobirthing really is for you, I honestly don't know how I could have done this when pregnant with Savannah without it.

Once the course finishes Katy does not just ignore you and leave you to get on with the birth yourself, Katy will do a follow up call with you and your partner and also email as much as you and your partner need, she is a huge asset to your journey. This really has made me feel more relaxed and reassured that I can do this how I would like and it will be a positive birth I just need to believe in myself and my baby.

The other things Katy offers after are the your baby your birth book supper club and post natal recovery massages which I will defiantly be signing up to. I think it's a fabulous idea to attend the supper clubs to get to meet other mums and get to have support from them also. Being pregnant and a mum can be very daunting so to have a good group of people around you can really help.

Hypnobirthing really has changed my mind set and prepared me for my birth, you hear far to often all these horrid stories but actually once you start looking and researching there are thousands of amazing stories of birth. Let's hope my next one will be one of these also.

Here is to a positive birth & don't forget baby knows best!

(This course was gifted to me)

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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