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Mothercare-All the support you need!

I think when we are pregnant we seem to forget about looking after ourselves, its all about the baby and preparing for the birth and after, we seem to put ourselves to the back of the pile. I have found that this time being pregnant I have managed to think about me a little more and about using different creams and better clothing to support my bump. I also have tried really hard to take 5 minutes out of my day to chill, this being either a bath, listen to hypnobirthing, yoga or meditation which will help the baby and my wellbeing. I feel like it will really help me in the long run mentally and physically and will be a massive plus for the baby.

So I decided this morning it would be a good idea to look after my body and mind and headed to Mothercare to go for a bra fitting to make sure I'm looking after my boobies and giving them the best support I can. I was really nervous before as I haven't had one for years actually for far too long. I generally go into M&S find a style I like, grab it and purchase, I don't even ever try it on until I'm home.

So when I arrived at the Mothercare store in Bluewater ready for my fitting I was so happy to see the assistant smiling and making me feel totally relaxed we went straight tot he bras and had a look through them and then headed to the dressing room. I wore my bra still whilst she measured and felt completely at ease. Once she had the measurements I was shocked I had been wearing a bra 3 sizes too small. This clearly isn't good and will have not been helping to give me support.

I then was shown all the options for me and I decided to go with a choice of two packs in black and white lace that really were comfortable and suited me.

We all know our body is going to change shape during our pregnancy so it is important to support our bodies in every way pregnancy, not just our baby and bump. So getting a fitting is a must as it really will give you the support you need and help with posture. I picked up some fab information on my trip and realised that you should be wearing one type of bra now and then after around 34 weeks have another fitting, as this is the closest you can get to your boobies being ready and at their biggest size. I'm planning to breastfeed so I will definitely be back to get re-measured and choose my feeding bras.

Mothercare's handy guide will help you understand how to measure for a bra and other pieces of maternity wear, you can do as I did and pop in a local store to you and get a helpful bra fitter to assist you and help you choose a style best for your breast.

The designs for pregnancy underwear is generally black, white, grey or blue but I was lucky to find some really pretty lace bras especially for feeding in Mothercare. The range really is reasonable and they have some lovely shapes that I really didn't expect.

For more help and advise head to their fab website and get booked in for a fitting.

(I was gifted some items from Mothercare in return for a honest review)

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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