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Mothercare Vip Shopping Experience

Last Friday I got to live my shopping dreams and headed to Greenwich Mothercare to experience the VIP personal shopper that Mothercare provides in their stores. I took my beautiful niece along with me for the trip to help choose some items that I am in need of for the new baby. This time around being pregnant I have found myself wanting to clean and decorate the house ready for the babies arrival but not so much of getting all the bits I need and shopping which is very unlike me! So this was a perfect morning to get organised and sort out everything I needed without panicking too much.

As soon as we arrived we were introduced to the lovely Jodie who was going to show me around the store and give me advise on different products that I was interested in. From the very start of the trip I knew it was going to be good from the car park space literally on the door step to the staff greeting us at the doors it felt vey relaxing and I felt in good hands.


Firstly I have decided I will be using Savannah's cot so I needed to get new bedding and a mattress, Jodie was my assistant for my VIP experience and was really helpful at showing me what is important for a good mattress. There are so many to choose from and so I really needed some one on one advise for the different things I needed to look out for when choosing one. Jodie talked me through the different styles and showed me a fab Chart that is located in most stores if you can't do the VIP experience or need to pop in the store quickly. I choose a mattress that has a removable waterproof top layer, hypoallergenic materials, Mothercares own brand airflow pocket spring cot bed mattress.


I had a Mothercare baby rocker before that I used for Savannah that worked perfectly it had music and a great rotation, but I honestly could not turn it on one more time and hear that tune. It honestly haunted me after so many late nights and days when she was little I had had enough. Like most of you I have heard and seen so much about the Leaf Nanu on Instagram so I thought this would be another gimmick, but when you actually see it in the flesh, get to feel it, see the movement of it . You honestly feel relaxed and want to get in it yourself! (my niece really tried to ha ha) The leaf can take a weight up to 60kg. The leaf is Beautifully designed and inspired by nature, the Nuna Leaf Rocker will softly, rhythmically and quietly rock your little precious baby from side to side, mimicking leaf in the fresh air. This particular version is a limited edition only to be sold in Mothercare stores, they are pricey but for the fact you can use them up to 60kg I think it sells itself.

Buggy/stroller - Yolo

On your first chid I think you don't really know what you want or need in a buggy or pram I just wanted the most stylish, big and also expensive one. This time around the list of what I needed from a buggy/stroller is endless. I need the handles to be high, buggy to be weightless, storage underneath to be easily accessible and most of all to be stylish. So after researching and stalking a lot of mothers in Bluewater, the most common one I liked was the Yoyo which is all of the above. Not only does it look great it can go up to 4yrs of age, is so lightweight it's unbelievable and folds up so you can literally pop it on your shoulder. I decided to got with the Green version as I am not finding out the gender until we meet our baby.

Staff assistance to car

The help from the staff at the store was incredible and they really did make me feel as if I was a VIP, they offer this service which is fabulous from start to finish they even packed up my car for me!

Instore help & knowledge

Its so easy to go online these days and buy everything you need, don't get me wrong I am not suddenly going to stop buying online (especially when in bed at night I love a late night purchase) but what I realised today was that the staff knew a lot about the products and really could steer me in the right items for my personal taste. The other huge bonus of shopping in store was that I actually got to see the items up close and to feel them and see if they were what I expected. Before the shop I had been online and had a look at reviews and different items I thought I would like but when in store pretty much all of the items were the other options to what I had thought I liked. The knowledge from the staff was fantastic and getting to actually have buggies and car seats shown to be and demonstrated was a huge plus.

Thank you so much for all of the team at the Greenwich store especially the lovely Jodie, everyone was so helpful and made me make the correct choices for my new baby. I cant wait to get to use all of the products and report back to how I got on with them all.

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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