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Maternity made easier

Finally, I have reached twenty plus weeks in this pregnancy and am feeling so much better for it mentally, when I had Savannah I didn't have any negatives with the pregnancy and honestly just felt great. This time I have felt absolutely shattered and sick for pretty much the whole time also after the miscarriages ive felt really nervous, physically the last few weeks has been tough, my skin has also gone to put, I seem to be waking up in the morning with huge yellow and red spots on my cheeks and chin (so attractive).I also have been diagnosed with SPD which is so much fun (not).So i thought it would be a good idea to share some of the fab products that have been helping me out along the journey so far and may help you. I will make sure to share the other pieces I use throughout the rest of the pregnancy ASAP.

First up on my list is the amazing BBhugme pillow which is highly recommended by midwives to support you whilst pregnant and after birth for nursing your little one. The pillow is designed to support you in the places you need it most whilst pregnant such as your back, knees and pelvis. To make you comfortable and relaxed. The pillow comes in a bag so you don't have to worry if you're going on your travels as you can simply take it with you. It also comes with an extra cover which is fab so you can always have a clean one whilst the other is in the wash.

So this pillow has saved my life, I was having such trouble with being able to sleep and was just not comfortable, not only that I have been getting up at least three times a night to have a wee. Generally, I just seem to be tossing and turning and waking up lots. Then this fab pillow arrived and I honestly swear by it. It may just be a coincidence but since I received this over a week ago. I have slept each night with only one wee stop and the rest of the night slept like a log!

The pillow is huge and is so well designed for absolute comfort, the way I use it is like I am a baby koala, ok maybe an adult koala. I wrap my whole self around the pillow and manage to just feel so relaxed and sleep instantly. It really is a win-win product.

As most of you know my anxiety and panic attacks aren't great, so at the back of my mind at the moment I'm really scared about them coming back strong at the end of my pregnancy and labour. So I was recommended to download the Headspace app which has been a great tool. I did hypno birthing when I was expecting with Savannah and it really helped calm me and make me feel at ease. So I decided to download this and listen to it each night before I sleep. I usually do a relaxing meditation and then a sleep story which helps me to relax and stop with the "what-ifs" that go through my head far too often. There are lots of other apps to help with anxiety, sleep and just generally to make you happier and at peace.

Later on, in my pregnancy, I will use the Katherine Graves who is a hypno birthing goddess she also has many books and different courses you can do to help you have a calmer and happy birth. These are the ones I used at the end of the pregnancy with Savannah and kept me calm through my pregnancy and birth except for when pushing which wasn't very zen. (I had Dean in a headlock to help me get through it!)

When you're pregnant suddenly when it comes to fashion and dressing you have the options of three things to wear Denim, dungarees, or stripes. Honestly, its awful most shops have these three and if women were to follow these rules you would be able to spot a pregnancy lady a mile of. So we are very lucky to have lovely brands such as Clary and Peg, Beyond Nine and Tilbea. Don't get me wrong I will definitely be wearing stripes dungarees and denim through my pregnancy, but that doesn't have to be the only things you can wear. Tilbea has gifted me two absolutely stunning dresses that are not only flattering but I will be able to wear after the birth as they have nursing access in the breast area. The materials they use are breathable which when being hormonal is vital. The thing I like most about the dresses they have sent me is the length and arms, I hate my arms and so when I was pregnant with Savannah I would wear a vest dress and then chuck on a shirt over the top which made me look even bigger. The Tilbea designers have really thought about the way women feel and how they want to look whilst pregnant and honestly, i cannot fault them. We shouldn't have to compromise fashion when we are growing a little human.

Mama Mio Products-

When I was pregnant with savannah I was very lucky not to get any stretch marks or sore boobies, this time however like everything else I have (sad face).So to have been gifted some beautiful products from Mama Mio to help with these area has been a god send.I have my bath each night with my essentials oils spraying,meditation on my phone and then once I have finsihed I make sure to have a little routine of applyng both the Tummy Rub butter and the Pregnancy boob tube to the appropriate areas.I have been doing ths for the last month since beeing back from holiday and i haven not seen any more apear.The stretch marks have also faded a little which i am not sure if that has been my tan fading or the prodcuts are smashing them!They make me feel connected to the baby and it's our little ritual for just the two of us every night.

When this book was first launched I remember being really upset I wasn't pregnant, so as soon as I could feel safe about the pregnancy I rushed to Waterstones and grabbed one. The book has helped me document all the important bits through my journey and hopefully remind me of some of it when I tell the baby about it all when it's much older. It has great little facts that I didn't know about and has helped me through the process. I love documenting the ride.

The last but definitely not least have had a bottle of water and a packet of fruit pastels in my bag every day to make sure I'm hydrated and if I feel a little sick or wobbly the pastels are perfect for that sugar rush!

I hope these products are as useful to you as they have been to me

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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