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Vionic Shoes

If you are looking for a comfortable, trendy and fashionable shoe then look no further than Vionic. They are so comfy it is unbelievable, I have been lucky enough to work with Vionic over the past year and have been gifted shoes for myself and hubby and we both are in love with the brand. Shoes and bags are my love and so when Vionic asked if i would like to work them and be gifted shoes I really couldn't say no.

The brand specialises in comfortable shoes that are good for you to wear, the shoes have a fab design inside that makes your foot lift in to the position that it should be when standing for a long time or walking. You really do notice the difference and it definitely makes you realise some of my other shoes I have been wearing really aren't good for me and are probably the reason for sore feet.

The brand has some beautiful designs such as the ones in this pic, I was gifted a pair of the white classic trainers as my first pair from Vionic, which are so comfy they feel like I'm wearing my slippers. In the summer I alway wear flip flops, so when it gets to me having to wear covered in shoes my feet really don't fend well and I end up with lots of sores and blisters! This didn't happen with the trainers. They also are so in at the moment that I wear them with jeans, skirts or a long flowery dress with a denim or leather jacket which looks great.

My other favourite pair have to be the black high heeled boot's named Whitney. I went to a event the other day and wore them for the first time and managed to wear them all day and then all evening. I took a spare pair of flats in my bag but thats where they stayed as I didn't need to take the boots off. This is a rare thing for me with heels I always end up changing them!

The tagline for the brand is ‘style doesn’t have to hurt’ and they really could not have put it better. If you don't believe me buy a pair and see for yourself. The only problem I have had since only a few pairs is keeping my sister from stealing them from me.

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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