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Mothercare - Mothers Meeting's

Today I managed to drop Savannah at Nursery and rush up to the Southbank to the mind-blowing venue that is The OXO tower, with a huge long white room over looking the Thames on a super sunny day the event couldn't have looked better. The event that I attended was being held by the fabulous Mothers meetings in collaboration with the brand of the moment Mothercare for the #bodyproudmums. Now if you haven't seen the adverts with the fabulous real women in there underwear, this is the new campaign which is making mothers/women scream with happiness all over. The campaign is to encourage women/mothers to love and enjoy their bodies after giving birth.

The campaign is very long awaited and I can't believe it hasn't been done before, but thank god for Mothercare as they have honestly delivered the goods. The post-birth bodies are fabulous and are just breaking stereotypes about new mums all over the country. The mums that are in the campaign show their bodies and are proud of what their bodies have achieved after carrying and birthing the babies they have and this really is something we should all feel more positive about .I think since having Savannah I have never felt so confident in my body, which is really odd as for most women it's the other way around. But I honestly feel like I can be bigger or more wobbly because I have given birth to a human.

At the event Mothers Meeting shared a fab panel of powerful women that all discussed their bodies and different topics such as how they feel naked in front of their husbands, on the beach or how they have felt since having babies. The conversation was so refreshing and made me come out feeling really positive and happy with what I have. One of the sweetest things that The Yes Mum said was that when two different midwives met and were talking about stretch marks one of the ladies from Mexico said i don't know what they are? The other midwife described them and the second midwife said oh you mean LOVE LINES. This made me have goose pimples all over and just smile and from now on this is what they shall be called. We need to start looking at our bodies in a much more positive way and passing that on to our youngsters, lets make the next generation love themselves and their bodies.

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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