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Merci Maman

On Thursday I was invited along to Parson's Green to a lovely event with the beautiful brand that is Merci Maman. From the very start we felt like part of the family with all the other members of the team. The brand was first started back in 2007 by Beatrice de Montille ,when she designed her first bracelet which started the whole journey of this fabulous brand .I already have a piece from the brand from earlier on in the year which I wear most days and is honestly my favourite piece of jewellery other than my engagement ring. The pieces can all be hand engraved to make them have that extra special personal touch. Another reason I love the brand so much is because it was set up by Beatrice in her kitchen and has grown so organically since then. Beatrice now has a team of over forty including her husband!

The beautifully personalised jewellery is loved by women all over the world including - The Duchess of Cambridge who wears a Merci Maman necklace engraved with Prince George’s name. David Beckham & Richard Branson to name a few!

The event was so much fun we had a group of eight influencers around one huge table where we were taught by Oh Wonder Calligraphy & stationary how to do Calligraphy, I had previously done a little calligraphy when I was at primary school so was excited to see if I could still do it. We were given work books to make our way through at our own paCe whilst tracing and then once we felt confident we could go off book and freestyle.The whole class was amazing and so relaxing we really got to just sit and enjoy ourselves whilst chatting and learning a new skill. Some of the other ladies had bought along their children and the Merci Maman team had set up a little creche for them to play and draw and this managed to let the mums relax and get involved with the calligraphy. The whole event was planned so brilliantly that everyone managed to just enjoy and learn more about the brand.

Thank you So much for including me in your beautiful day.

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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