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Aramo Eros- Car seat

Due to a few different reasons Savannah has gone through multiple car seats. She escaped from one and as she is so tall I have often struggled to find a seat that is perfect. And so when I got asked to review the Apramo Eros car seat I jumped at the chance. When she was little I used the Maxi Cosi and that worked well for a while but she then discovered how to get out of it (even if it was on the tightest hook). We then had the Cybex Pallas M and that was fab she would sleep really well in it. It was very comfortable, it cushioned her and was all in all my favourite. That was until she learnt to get her knees and arms against it; this was a nightmare as when she would have a strop there was no way of me being able to get her to stay in it. Savannah could actually climb out of it which was very scary (I'm telling you she is a magician.) So I was excited to try the Apramo seat.

I have tried the car seat for the last month as like to give it a proper try out before I give my opinion. So here is my opinion on the car seat and I hope you agree. The car seat is aged from 9 months to 12 years which is up to a weight of about (9-36kg). It has all the regular car seat attachments and features such as the isofix top tether points to fasten the seat belt on both corners of the seat, it also has a 5 part harness. Alongside this it has the traditional car seat fitting options if your car doesn't have ISO fix which is fab as not every car is fitted with them.The main part I like about the seat is that it has a great adjustable headrest for when the child grows and with Savannah this is every week! The first time I tried to adjust this without reading the instructions I struggled (which is totally my fault). The instructions can be found in the back of the car seat which I absolutely love because I have spent many times totally getting baby brain and forgetting how to do a car seat or collapse a buggy and had to whip onto YouTube to have another look. Having the instruction in the back totally saved me from having to do that and feel stupid. The other plus I love about the seat is the detachable covers for the seats as any Mum will know you often find raisins, sweets & all sorts of sticky things in car seats so this is a fab touch.

The seat is also not too heavy which I find is a must in a car seat as you literally have them attached to your hip when they are young. Juggling car seats from Nanny's car to Aunty's car to hubby is a regular occurrence so if they aren't heavy this is something I would really look at before buying one. The width also is fab as you could fit two of these car seats in the back seat with a booster in the middle which I have tried in case I take my nieces or friend's children out in the car. This is perfect if you have a few children. The car seat also has a 4 position recline which gives the child maximum comfort which is good for long journeys. I actually tried this car seat for Savannah on the way to Cornwall and she slept most of the way so it must be comfortable.I am going to continue to use this carseat and see how it goes whilst she grows but at the moment its a win win from me.

The savvy mummy xxx

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