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Quinny -Rachel Zoe Luxe Sport

I know Savannah hardly uses a buggy any more but hopefully soon I will have another little cherub to push around in this beautiful buggy, here's me wishing.

I got offered the chance to review the Quinny Zapp Limited Edition and I could not say no! Rachel Zoe (fashion designer) is teaming up with Quinny & Maxi-cosi to launch a new, limited-edition line, Luxe Sport Collection that will include a Pria 85 Luxe Sport, Mico Max 30 Luxe Sport, the Quinny Zapp Luxe Sport stroller and a Diaper Bag. I have had Quinny buggy's previously and they have excelled themselves and I have had hardly any issues. This is unheard of in the buggy industry they never manage to quite get it all. Either the handle's are to low, wheels have not dealt with curbs, the rain protector has been a nightmare to put on quickly.So after owning over 10 buggy's (Yes... I have a slight obsession much to husband's annoyance) I thought I would be a a good person to review one.

First and foremost the stroller is sophisticated and beautiful looking with its sleek light design, monochrome and metallic champagne colours, as well as net and zip detailing it is simply stylish. Which is something I love straight away, I believe a buggy or stroller should add to your outfit and you shouldn't have to have a big clumpy ugly buggy when there are so many beautiful ones out there.The stroller compacts down to practically nothing which means it is fab for traveling around town or taking away on holiday.

The stroller has the best handle bar which is a huge improvement on the last design, when ever I would use the old stroller my hubby would not be able to push it as it was far to short for him, but this one he has no excuse!

Savannah has always been very tall and the straps work perfectly for her with the adjustable links, even though she wont be in one for much longer. We generally have been using the stroller for long journeys or late nights so she can lay in it whilst we eat out or resume adult life.

So the reclining seat is fab and even with her being so tall it looks comfortable and we have had no moans from her, she even fell asleep in it on the way home last night.

The control over the steering is like no other and was so easy to manoeuvre I think this is so important on a buggy especially when you have a fast mover like Savannah. It's good to be able to push the stroller whilst holding her hand and being able to manoeuvre the stroller with the other.

The shopping basket is a lot better than previously and you can get a string bag that hangs from the handles which is a fab idea. I still think it could be a little bigger and easier to get to under the stroller. The rain cover is my favourite colour but I think is not the most practical of colours but I would choose the look over practicality any day.

Putting the stroller up and down is so easy it has 3 different steps that are super easy to follow. The Maxi Cosi is my favourite car seat for travelling with a baby and this one does not disappoint it fits so easily on to the frame with such ease.The other items you can purchase for the stroller included a cup holder, parasol, extra shopping bag, footmuff and changing bag.

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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