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To scoot or not to scoot?

Since Savannah has been born my Anziety & mental health has been all over the place but i have really tried to not let it effect me being a mummy & let Savannah have these fears ,this has been really hard at times especially now as she is getting older & she can understand pretty much everything i say.So when Micro scooter got in contact & said they would love to send Savannah a scooter my heart dropped.

When i was 7yrs old i was obsessed with my scooter it was amazing,baby blue with white tassels on the handle bars & pink & orange sugar puff stickers( i had collected from the cereal) all over the frame work.I played on it every minute of the day,until one day i had a slight accident,well not slight excalty i ended up not being able to stop the breaks on the scooter & ended up driving it in to the only tree in the field!I ended up having 7 breaks in one arm,which resulted in having to wear a cast for a really long time(no baths or swimming!).The worst part of it all was that it was all infront of the cute boy i really liked called paul!To cut a long story short i have been so scared about letting Savannah have a bike,scooter or anthing with wheels since.

I told this story to Micor scooter,they said i had to face my fears and get on one asap!So not only did they send me one for Savannah they also sent one for me & hubby too,this meant i had to get on one & not be so silly..So after thy all arived very quickly & Savannah had tested hers out up & down the front room we decided to all grab our Micro's & head to the park.It was pretty scary for the first park on the morning as i refused to get on it,but after a while i slowy had a go & as i was flying down the hill on my bright new shiny white scooter the memories came flooding back & i may now have a husband (not Paul)& feel slightly dafter on a scooter but the freeness i got when gliding through the wind was incredible.It took me back to my youth ,made me feel at ease & made me realise i couldnt hold back on letting Savannah trying new things.Savannah like I has loved her scooter since it arrived & has not put it down shes been on it alot in doors but is nerous when we are at a park& likes to carry it!Savannah will get confidence in time and so far she has laughed so much when her mummy & daddy raced each other around the park so im sure with time she will love it even more.So all i can say is go & act like a kid for a while as it really can just make you feel free again.Thank you Micro Scooter for getting me back on my wheels,and heres to lots of adventures with Savannah.

If you are looking to join in on the fun Micro scooters website is brill and can help you choose the best scooter for you, it even has a scooter guide where you can customise your own design.Micro scooters are pretty cool & look great,they also have amazing accessories,If like me your a scared parent you could cover them in safety gear with a helmet,torch & even bell to make passers by move out of the way,Savannah choose the rainbow tassles to go on the handle bars i thought it might look a bit to much on mine,but secretly i would have loved them.All in all i am converted in to a scooter love,come along for the ride you never know nect time your at a park you might see me flying past trying to miss all the trees!

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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