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Living for the now

I always live in the future & have done since I was a little one.I remember my dad always saying to me as a little girl, Hanna just wait until today is over before you start planning a project for tomorrow (I never listerned).We would be at the most amazing place having the most fantastic time but all i could think about was what were we having for dinner ? ,are we getting the train home?,can i get a programme? or what would we be doing be after.So when i started thearpy & my therapist said this to me it was not for the first time!Lots of people talk about mindfulness,

yoga & being zen & i have always been intrigued but believed the hype to be untrue until now,until i needed it.I believe that things happen for a reason & stumbling across a old minfulness book someone had given me once to prob on my coffee table was meant to be.Dont get me wrong i am no expert at this field & i belive it takes years & years to master,but i have started to try to live for the day, making myself happy & trying to have peace of mind.Mindfulness is there for you & nobody else can help you acheive the goals you need,its not going to be a over night sucess story,its about that very moment that second that you make yourself feel grounded and breath in the surroundings,instead of worrying about the next.I am a huge worrier & believe i always will be but using mindfulness can help for some of those worries to be lighter,for the bad thoughts not to be let in & to help control the ones that do.

Little things i do daily to try and help my anziety

>Take a moment to be happy with just one thing that has happened during that day.

> Belive in my neclase quote "i refuse to sink"

>Compliment a person everyday

>Be patient you dont know everyones stories behind closed doors.

>Breath slowly & freely,let yoursefl enjoy the smells,atmoshpheres & tastes around you & try to be grateful.

With just these few little tricks i have managed to be a little more happier, calmer & enjoy the world.So now i am going to start reading on and finding new ways of being mindful.My anziety has started to get better & o i am really trying to not rush off on to the next project and just breathe!Life is very hard sometimes & we can forget to be grateful for what we have and tend to take life to seriusly.As the great Dr Suess said "sometimesyou will never know the value until it is a memory"and i refuse to give into my thoughts anymore!

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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