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The story of the Addams family was born from the illustrator Charles Addams in 1938 who had a fascination for skeletons coffins and all things spooky!He took these illustrations to the New Yorker and became a regular cartoonist, until David Levy adapted the cartoons into a much loved by all Tv series.The show showed the Addams family in all sorts of hairy situations which the audiences all over the world loved.

The musical has been around since 2009 touring all over the world but this particular version has only been with us since 2017 where it has toured the UK.(pre and pot covid )

I didn’t know what to expect from the show and really didn’t think I was going to enjoy but ....ill wait for the end of my review to tell you more.

The show is based on the family and how they are to hold a dinner party to meet Wednesdays (the daughter of Gomez and Morticia)new boyfriend and soon to be fiancé, and participate in playing an honesty game.

From the opening of Act 1 the audience is taken into the graveyard of the Addams family home and you are straight away in the familiar hands of the theme tune which makes you excited to see how the show gos forward.With such a big opening song with full company I really did believe that the rest of the show would not be Able to keep up but it does and I such a magical way.

The first half whizzes through with such a good pace, the songs are vibrant and engaging with such a singalong and tap your feet vibe.The costumes are beautiful and have such detail which is such a positive.

The spooky and sizzling choreography by Alistair David was beautiful and honestly could not be faulted.Including ballet and some up to date choreography it really is a treat to watch.I left feeling I wanted to start dancing up again haha.

Diego Pitarch -Set is constantly changing with little touches here and there, One off my favourites is the moving picture at the left of the stairs.Don’t get me wrong its been done before but in this show its perfect with the ever changing ensemble.The Romeo and Juliet style balconies are perfect use of the stage and include space for all of the ensemble to be on stage without it feeling overcrowded.

I also loved what they did with the arrow sequence no spoiler alert here!

Act one feels a lot shorter and tighter than act 2 but saying this I did enjoy the whole show very much.In Act two my favourite scene has to be The moon and me and in Act one i would say Wednesdays pulled, she is a beautiful actor and singer a delight to watch.

The whole ensemble are perfect in everyway, they didn’t miss a step.Ghostly moves from the get go and never came out of character, even to walk up and down the stairs.They really worked well together and made you think they were from the past each having their own identity.Saying that I absolutely loved Jessica Keable-Queen Ancestor & Sario Solomon-Ring master Ancestor.Jessica had such way of pulling you in as a audience member watching her move her head around and finish every move in such detail was a delight.Sario had me engaged when ever he was on stage.

I can’t go without mentioning a few of the cast that I thought went above and beyond.

Scott Paige as Uncle Fester- is phenomenal ,the make up and the costume make a character but Scott brings Uncle Fester to life ,every time I looked at him he was working the audience, hand movements, facial expressions and even the way he walked are all thought about in such detail(he had to be my favourite) he made me laugh a lot!So when he started to sing The Moon and Me I was in shock at how well he delivered the song ,managing to convince the audience he was in love with the moon and so sincerely.He really is one to watch.

Cameron Blakely’s- comic timing is perfect and as he is barely of stage,I was glad that I really warmed to him and his character and such a lovely voice.

I left the show and the first thing I did was pop some of the songs on in the car, this is when you know its been an amazing show and you will return in the future to see it again.I would lobe to take My daughter to see it maybe when she’s a little older as I think its maybe for 10yrs plus if not 12yrs as there is a lot of adult humorous and it would be lost on little ones.

The show is a huge win win for me we will definelty be back.

The Addams Family – the musical is a must see, it is playing until 26th February at The Orchard Theatre Dartford, before continuing its UK tour to ATG and many other theatres. Grab your stripey tops, plait your hair and head to a theatre near you.

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