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Bioderma skincare

For the past four weeks I have been using the new Bioderma skincare range, we have previously worked with them using baby and bath products and they have worked really well with our sensitive skin. It has been a perfect time to try out the new range as I have been at home in isolation. So I have had more time to not wear make up.

Micelle Solution Sensibio H20

To say I have fallen in love with this product is a understatement, since being nervous at the start of using it I have done a full 360 on the Micellclaire water. My skin is very sensitive and often itches or gets irritated by new products so I wasn’t imagining it to be great. It completely changed my mind and I am stuck on it I have been using it every night to take off my make up and clean my skin and it’s just so smooth and refreshing.I use a dab of the product on my cheeky wipes and it works perfectly.The soothing ingredients really help on my skin and it honestly hasn’t felt better after using similar waters.

Sensibio AR BB Cream

I don’t tend to use a BB cream usually but have enjoyed using the Sensibio, again because it’s very good on my sensitive skin and hasn’t caused any itchiness or dryness. It also has covered all the little red patches around my nose and under my eyes which is perfection. It helps especially for a quick application for the school run to just lift my skin a little and cover up some of the redness. The cream also has hydrating agents and light reflecting powders to help moisturise and conceal the redness on the skin.Not to mention a soft 30.

Sensibio Eye contour gel

The eye cream is a must in my books I have seen a great chance since using this product.It has calmed my itchy eyes,I have been using it day or night depending when I get a chance and it’s has definitely made a difference.I really notice my eyes feeling dry and sore if I don’t get a chance to pop it on.Its called a gel but is actually more of a light cream which I totally prefer (I’m not one for sticky textured products.)All in all get impressed again and a very good price point.

Face cream

This comes in a 40ml tube which is perfect for the mum bag or leaving in the car for the school run. The texture is great and not too heavy, I didn’t have any breakouts or reaction to the cream. I have been applying daily and doing the cream has made my skin less dry and my skin is taking to the product really well. I will 100 per cent be carrying on using this product it has honestly made my face look fresher and even tighter.

Overall thoughts on the range and my skin are my skin has felt really good, it seems to have more elasticity, smoother, less breakouts and spots and looks in a lot better condition. I also haven’t run out of the products and they seem to last really well. I have just been using the amount advised and it seems to work well for me. I also think not wearing make up has helped my skin and I’ve been using the products consistently which I always seem to forget. All in all I have loved the products and will carry on using them as I have had great results.

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