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Bioderma ABC Derma range

I attended the BIODERMA ABC Derma launch and to be honest I had not really heard lot's about the brand before, so when I got to speak to some of the very enthusiastic partners and found myself intrigued about the brand. I was really eager to try out the new range and get to know more about their products.

Bioderma's newest range is the ABC Derma which has been designed to bring you extra safe and extra gentle hygiene friendly products for the little ones in our lives, particularly babies. I believe they do perfectly. The products smell divine, are smooth on the skin and really do make a difference, what else could we ask for? All of the products have lovely simple designs on the packaging including the ABC symbols which don't look to shabby in my new bathroom either. I have been trying out the following products for the last few weeks since being back from holiday and I am loving the results especially on Savannahs skin. Both of us have sensitive skin and to find a brand that doesn't make one of us itch or patchy really is hard to find.

Here are the following products I have been lucky enough to try over the last few weeks.

The Mousturising milk is brilliant to pop on after a bath or shower daily.The milk is gentle enougth to use on

newborns and little ones so i will be using this in my daily routine with Savannah and the new baby when it arrives.The milk leaves the skin perfectly moisturised & creamy and smelly divine.The milk is perfect for all over but especially the face and hands and even for fresh baby bottoms before poppingon a nappy.

The Cold cream does as it say on the tin,it mousturises the face and skin and leaves it with a lovely fresh finish it also protects the skin and keeps it looking bright.This product is fab for dry skin.

Bioderma cleansing foam is fab its really gentle on the skin and has been a pleasure to use, i have been using this on Savannah when in the bath and also stollen a bit for myself to use. The fragrance is beautiful and not too strong.Savannah loves this one and we have nearly finished the bottle.

If you are looking for help with the products, just pop to the below site and you can click which type of skin you are looking to treat and it will advise you which of the products would be good for you or your child.I have loved getting to use these products and am going to continue using them for Savannah and myself.I really believe they have inproved our skin.

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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