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George Kids Easter event @ London Zoo

What a day!

In the Easter school holidays, we attended the Asda launch of their spring/summer children's clothes, this was such a fab event held at London Zoo. The event was themed around Easter which was perfect and the organisers had thought of everything. Savannah found it hard to even get to the event as we had to walk through the zoo to the main room for the event, this meant walking past the kangaroos and monkeys which she fell in love with so we were a little later to the main event than we expected ha ha!

When we finally made it to the room we were greeted by all the lovely team and showed around the new pieces. My favourite had to be the star jumpsuit in denim and Savannah's had to be the jelly shoes and hats. There was also a rail full of all the amazing costumes such as a sleeping beauty pink gown which Savannah was allowed to wear. I was gutted not to get a picture of this!

The room was full of activities for the children to enjoy whilst the Mums and Dads got to view the new collections, Savannah managed to decorate two biscuits, paint me an Easter card and do me a drawing whilst I managed to eat delicious toast with a hot cup of tea and sneak a few of the mini Easter eggs in too. The food was great and we got to sample some of the new bits that were in store over the Easter period.

The zookeepers bought us in a little surprise which was an incredible Armadillo called Marion which was the cutest thing you have ever seen, she just ran around the box until they fed her and then she carried on again. The children loved this and being so close to a real-life Armadillo was a massive treat. Savannah still talks about Marion fondly. The new range is beautiful and the whole event was fabulous this was all before we had even got to go into the zoo and see all of the lovely animals. After the room started to get busier we decided with a few of the other Mums to head off and look around the zoo. Last time I went to London Zoo it was packed and you couldn't get around to see much, this time it seemed so much easier to get to different feedings and animals we wanted to see and proved to be such a lovely day. Savannah and I loved the event and especially getting to meet Marion.

Thank you so much we loved every minute.

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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