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Greenwood Grange-Luxury Holiday Cottages

One of the best things about being a blogger/travel blogger is that I get to go away to some pretty beautiful places and take along a guest to enjoy it with. This time I decided to take my mother and Savannah with me as we all needed that time just the three of us together to make some lovely memories. Greenwood Grange is one of these beautiful places where you can just chill and enjoy the stunning scenery.

The drive down took us just under three hours, which I was very impressed with and that was including 3 stops for toilet breaks and obviously doughnuts! The Luxury holiday park was really easy to find and Savannah was a dream on the journey so all in all a great drive. Once we arrived we were greeted by a lovely member of staff who showed us around all the beautiful grounds and everything we would need for the next few days. This included the swimming pool/sauna, toy room with books/puzzles, tennis courts and of course the cutest donkeys ever.

The buildings have been renovated and were originally built by Thomas Hardy’s father in 1849 which gives the whole place a unique and beautiful feel. You can come as a couple and rent accommodation for 2 or stay in one of the bigger homes and have up to 12 guests. When we were there they had just had a wedding the night before who had hired the whole place which must have been stunning. The venue is so picturesque, I imagine the photos would have been very impressive.

I obviously took Savannah with me and she loved every minute from the tipi which has lots of fab toys and things to do inside to the cute little tree house opposite the Donkeys. The venue definitely provides lots for the little ones to do. It is also really easy to access the swimming pool which we were lucky enough to have to ourselves each time we went for a swim, with a simple changing room and sauna on the side. The access to the pool with great as it meant I could help my mum into the pool and Savannah without a silly little ladder.

The holiday cottages encourage you to bring dogs along with you for your stay and even mention you can bring your horse on the website! The onsite shop even includes little treats and dog food which really is a lovely touch. The shop sorted us out as we hadn't really planned what we would do for food so we popped in and stocked up on the little bits and then drove to a local Tesco which is about a 5-minute drive for the other bits. Before you arrive you can pre-order food packages such as afternoon tea or dinners which is a great idea.

One of my highlights of the trip as they have a vegetable garden where you can go and pick vegetables which Savannah and I loved. We choose to pick some asparagus and then cooked them up with some balsamic and parmesan what a treat! Savannah kept saying it was Peter Rabbit's garden and loved making up stories with me. This was such a lovely thing to do with her she has mentioned it lots since getting back. I think we are in need of a vegetable patch in our garden. This trip will definitely be banked in our memories forever.

Thank you for a lovely stay and looking after me.

The Savvy Mummy xx

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