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Mary Poppins

To celebrate the release of Mary Poppins Returns on DVD on April 15th, we were invited along to board the Brigits bakery double-decker afternoon tea red bus in London. As soon as we woke up in the morning Savannah was so excited she couldn't wait, I knew it would going to be a fun day.

The bus was parked just outside of Trafalgar Square, which was perfect as meant we only had to jump on the train directly to Charing Cross and then walk up which took about five minutes. As soon as Savannah could see the bus she got so excited and started singing the songs from the film. We arrived with perfect timing which meant we could meet some of the other bloggers and influencers that would be joining us on the journey. Before not too long we were all aboard the magical bus and sat in our seats listening to the little light fantastic (actors) tell us all about the different destinations and views we could see from the bus. Including St Pauls and the Admirals house. The two actors that played the parts of the little light fantastic characters kept the children entertained with stories and jokes along the route.

The cakes!! Well who doesn't love getting driven around London, eating cakes and drinking tea whilst waving at the passers-by (lots of builders and miserable worker which was such fun). It was such a great experience and to add to that the food was delicious. The cakes were all themed with the Mary Poppins style with chimneys, Mary Poppins figures, umbrellas and even cute little chimney sweeps. The whole experience was amazing and that's before you even watch the film. We all were gifted a copy of the DVD which we haven't stopped watching since we got it. The film is amazing and really runs away with your imagination, not to mention the songs which are really catchy. We have even downloaded the soundtrack to play in the car which we love. Our favourite song at the moment has to be Can You Imagine That which we don't stop singing especially in the bath. Thank you Mary Poppins you really have done well.

Thank you

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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