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Paperchase-Mothers day event

Who loves cake? Me, me, me, so on Wednesday I was invited along to The amazing B Bakery with Paperchase to eat, drink and view the new range for Mother's day. The Bakery is located on the way to Covent Garden which was so easy to get to as I had already been to another event in the morning locally. On arrival I was blown away by the greeting from everyone from the team and staff from Paperchase and B Bakery they were so welcoming which doesn't happen at all events and helps so much as sometimes it can be so scary to wal kinto a room where you don't know anyone. Luckily for me as the other guest's arrived their were a few familiar faces and I relaxed instantly. We were asked if we wanted to bring children along but I couldn't bring Savannah as she had nursery, which was such a shame as they had a huge table with lots of fab crowns and activities for them to make. (I did manage to take some home for her to make later!)

The event was so well planned that all the lovely children that did come along were looked after by the lovely London Craft Club and got to make some of the most beautiful crowns I had ever seen, all whilst the mummies got to sit back and enjoy the treats they sat perfectly enjoying the the event as well. We got to actually enjoy our tea while it was still hot, which doesn't happen these days with Savannah making me play or run around after her. My favourite of the afternoon tea had to be the mini bread rolls that had pesto and garlic in and were hot they were a real treat for the senses.

The new range for Mothers Day is the cutest with crowns with best mum on, teddies and some beautiful cards. I can't wait to see what Savannah has bought me ha ha! So if you haven't bought your pieces for you mums or wives (from the kids) Paperchase is the go to shop.

Thank you for such a lovely morning I'm off to polish off the last of the cupcakes.


The Savvy Mummy xxx

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