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Ikea Launch- Greenwich

Wow what can I say... I was invited along to the Ikea launch of their new store in Greenwich last Thursday morning. I dropped Savannah at nursery and then tried to beat the rush hour and get to the new Ikea. I managed to get there just as they opened the doors for the first time to the world and what a opening it was. Staff were singing and dancing and the atmosphere was on fire. I've not been to a opening of a store on this scale before and I was so impressed, from the flags to the band playing it really was something.

To say they have thought of everything is a understatement, from the village feel shops that have a whole area designed to show shop owners how they can fit out there shops. To the beautiful eco friendly roof top it really is something. The whole store was full with shoppers that had queued from as early as 6am but they weren't disappointed, their smiles were full and so were their baskets!

The store has the classic set ups of rooms which Ikea is so well known for and my favourite has to be the one below. From the bamboo style double bed to the baskets scattered on the floor (perfect to hide your laundry or shoes in) it really makes you have bedroom envy. I even bought a similar light on my way out to try and re fresh my room to look similar.

Ikea manages to show all different styles, prices and genres of ways to build your flat, house or mansion in to what suits you .As you walk around they have different ideas for all of the above. Even plants and furniture if you have a smaller balcony and ways to make smaller spaces used to the best that they can be. They really have taken in the local area and the way the locals live to showcase how you can use the Ikea furniture to make the most of them.

I cant write a blog about Ikea and not mention the amazing meatballs and food! The store has three different restaurants/cafes/juice bars, covering all of your needs. They also have a really large area where they encourage you to sit and take in the moment and feel free to use sockets to charge up your laptops/phones whilst you enjoy a film or some work, it is totally up to you. There is also a fabulous roof top which has been built to get the local area involved with areas being able to be used for local clubs or meetings which is a really great idea (it also has some fab views of the area). My favourite place to eat has to be the eco friendly cafe which sells lots of lovely juices and healthy bites to eat which fits in with the concept of the whole store.

The only downside to the whole store I found is the parking and traffic that it is causing to the local area, the staff are making it work well by directing traffic and their are car parking attendants to help you find a space so its all working well so far. In the future I'm not so sure if it will carry on being so good, what with the Blackwall tunnel literally minutes away which already brings so much traffic. The staff are encouraged to get on buses and be eco friendly which also helps for the car park to be kept not so busy. So lets hope this works.

The store is beautiful and since the launch of the store I have heard such lovely and positive things about it. So Ikea I think you smashed it this time!

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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