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The Waitress -Adelphi Theatre

I attended a preview of the show Waitress this week and am so glad I did. I had never heard of it or watched the film version so I was really intrigued to see the stage show.

As soon as you enter the theatre the amazing smell hits you bang in the face with a warm pie and this doesn't go away which is amazing, it sets the scene perfectly for the whole show. The auditorium is filled with a real buzz for the musical and I'm excited to see what it's all about.

The Musical follows the story of Jenna played by the incredible Katherine McPhee through her life working in a cafe in Springfield America. Jenna tells the story through baking the most delicious cakes which aren't just any old pies.Jenna is married to a not so nice husband and the show follows her through some tough times.including getting pregnant by him.I wont spoil the ending but ts beautiful and very powerful.

The three main girls that work in the diner are incredible and make you feel like they love working in the show together with a great bond. Dawn who is played by Laure Baldwin is my favourite her voice and comedy timing is just perfect. You really feel for her and then are so happy when the storyline goes well for her. I can't mention Dawn without mentioning her fiancé Ogie played by the great Jack Mcbrayer, I have a real soft spot for the actor since he is in one of my favourite films 'Forgetting Sarah Marhall'! He really is a comic genius and doesn't disappoint in his character in this.

The show makes you want to sing, dance and also cry a lot Jenna is such a brave and powerful women and really makes you feel for her. The show is one of my new favourites and I will definitely be back for more pie. The show also holds karaoke nights after the show so you could be lucky enough to sing one of the fab songs with one of the cast!

One last thing, we havent stopped listening to the soundtrack it honestly is fab but they definitely need to do a newer version with Katherine McPhee she is just out of this world!

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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