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Pearly whites

Today is a little treat after a hard couple of weeks, I am getting to travel to London and spend the day on my own. I am always with someone these days so today will be very odd as I can actually just do as I please. So I jump on the train in to town and end up in Bond Street, now this could be dangerous. I love shopping too much and being alone to be free to shop is a recipe for disaster, so it’s a good thing that I have a appointment in 1 hour with the amazing @dr.I pop in to @selfridges and purchase a couple of treats at the @chanel counter and then decide I need to control myself and head out to @frenchconnection. I end up buying beautiful floral floor length dress which will be fab for the french wedding I am heading to in a couple of weeks hopefully I'll have some sparkly new teeth to match. I suddenly realise I have not much time left to get to my appointment so I then rush to find the dentists which luckily isn’t that far and head into the reception.

I find the Surgery very easily where, I am greeted at the reception with a lovely welcome and am shown the waiting room, where there are a couple of other clients waiting for different treatments with other doctors in the building. Just sitting here I start thinking maybe I should get veneers, a boob job, bottom lift or even Botox! Thankfully my name is called and I make my way up the stairs and meet the dentist assistant at the top.

She takes me into the room to meet @drrichardmarquees and I am sat down to go over what he will be doing through the procedure. He makes me feel very calm, as since having Savannah dentist’s seem to make me nervous & a little anxious. I get in the huge white dentist chair very excited to see what happens and how the result will turn out at the end. We both take pictures of my teeth so we can get a before and after pic, as I have to see how much of a difference it will make. Once this is all done the actual treatment doesn't take long at all and @drrichardmaquues makes me feel very at ease, he even puts on some lovely tunes on a iPod whilst I lay under the UV light and wait for the magic to happen. I have two sets of fifteen minutes under the UV light and actually really enjoy the time just laying listening to Katy Perry. He comes in to make sure I'm happy and relaxed a few times and then it's all done, just like that. He takes the mouth guards out and I have a rinse around. The whole experience really is painless.

Once @drrichard has finished the above he proceeds to make a gun shield that he will make so I can carry on with whitening my teeth at home. He does this buy filling a temp guests in the top of my mouth with a mould and holding it there tightly for I imagine a minute or two, and then does the same with the bottom row of teeth. Even this is nerve racking for me, but he make it feel very calm and I sit back and listen to him talking about how he has always wanted to be a dentist since his father became one and this distracts me and puts me at ease.

The final moment comes and I am shown my new smile! I am absolutely thrilled with the results, thank goodness for me they are not super super bright but just the perfect colour for me and if I want them to go a little whiter I can use my guards that will be sent to me once they are made in the next week or so. I can not wait and am super excited to start using these of a evening.

After the appointment is over the dentist and I sit down and go over how the procedure went and what products I should use to help my teeth and he recommends certain mouthwash to help my teeth get what they need. Then he hands me some goodies and talks me through them and how to use them. In the bag is two toothpaste one is a new Charcoal based one that he has just launched. Charcoal is very popular at the moment especially in the beauty industry, because its so good for you from popping it in your drinks to eating it so I knew he was on to something good. The toothpaste is designed to remove stains and help the teeth to whiten slightly by absorbing the stains.

If you want to pick up one to try for yourselves they are available to purchase online here:

To book or read up on anything to do with the amazing dentist click below.

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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