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Dirty Dancing-The Churchill Theatre

Last night my niece and I got to head back in time to 1963 to visit the Kellerman’s summer resort with the cast of Dirty Dancing tour being shown at The Churchill Theatre Bromley. Bea hadn't seen the film and I had so it was good to have two different opinions on the stage show. One already knowing the plot and one not.

The scenes were set for us to have the time of our lives with Johnny and Baby. The show follows Baby on her yearly holiday with her family at the quaint holiday destination they go to every year. The show is based on the hit film from which is one of my teen favourite films.

There are lots of ups and downs in the storyline and they touch subjects that you wouldn’t think would work well in a show. They do this well and with dignity.

Johnny played by Michael O'Reilly is a fabulous dancer and I just couldn’t take my eyes of his thrusting hips, I think that said, the thing about the show is there isn't enough singing, it would have been lovely to hear his voice. The film has such a amazing soundtrack which could be lovely to hear live on stage and some of the cast have lovely voices I just wanted to hear more. The only songs you do hear aren’t the best ones and really don’t sell the show. I also think the ensemble were fab but could have been used a little more, as there dancing was amazing but there just wasn’t enough of them shown on stage.

My favourite characters had to be Penny in her stunning red dress and Baby's dad I really thought they captured the characters well.Penny's Dancing was insane and her body made me not have ice cream in the interval! Baby is played by Kira Malou who is beautiful and sweet and I don’t want to be harsh, but I was a little disappointed with her dancing. When she did the bad dancing (on purpose ) it was fab and great for the part and then when she was supposed to suddenly great at the end she just didn't quite do it justice. That said, she looked so good as the character and had real chemistry with Johnny so I see why they cast her.

The costumes and set were impressive, they really set the show from the beginning with the revolving rooms and outside area's taking you back to the film. Even the cheeky stage hand being seen a lot through the show made me giggle.

Saying all of that the show is a feel good show and if you love the film I’m sure the show will not disappoint. The audience sang along and gave a standing ovation at the end with one girl nearly passing out at Johnny’s thrusting hips whilst shouting for more! Billy Kostecki was fab all the way through and his voice in his solo was a real shock. Very beautiful voice and stage presence.

Dirty dancing is currently on tour now to see if it coming to a theatre near you check out the website below, or if your local to Bromley pop along before the it moves on on Sunday 3rd March.

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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