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Avenue Q - Press behind the scenes

Today I was very lucky to get invited along to the secret showing and behind the scenes press launch for one of my favourite musicals Avenue Q. Now if you haven't heard of the musical then where have you been hiding? Since 2003 where it first set to stage off Broadway at the vineyard theatre, audiences loved it so much that it had sell out shows and soon got the transfer it deserved to Broadway later that same year. Not surprisingly, the show did so well that it went on to win not one, not two but three Tony awards (best musical, best score and best book) The audiences went crazy for the show and they were right as the show is brilliant.

Move forward to January 2019 and the show is to start in Portsmouth at the Kings Theatre and then will carry on it's tour all over the UK after it being off stage for so long. The show couldn't have come along at a better time and fits perfectly with everything that is going on with the world.

The show is based on Puppets, yes puppets, it's based on the story following Princeton who has decided to come to New York to better his life with big dreams. Along his journey he meets lots of interesting characters including the fabulous Lucy the slut who has to be my favourite! With her amazing outfits and bubbly personality she really does steal the show. Other characters that are also great are Trekki Monster, Rod the gay but no gay puppet.

The show really hits on some topics which you would never think could be targeted with puppets and they do it so well the best is the song about being Gay who is about Rod who doesn't think he is gay. Other songs that really pack a punch are the catchy-but-oh-so-wrong songs include 'What Do You Do with a B.A. in English?', 'Everyone's a Little Bit Racist', and 'The Internet Is for Porn', you honestly will be hooked after hearing these. The only thing is I can't listen to them in the car as Savannah would start singing along!

The show is a must see and is on tour now so please grab a friend and make it a date as it's a sure show to make you smile.

Suitable for audiences 14+

Savvy Mummy xxx

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