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Lindex-Press trip-Kew little pigs farm

I know I am very lucky to do the job I do and that I get invited along to some amazing events, it can also be a tough job and sometimes full on so when this this certain event came up I emailed back ASAP as I don't think I have been more excited to attend an event and best of all I got to take along my little Savannah with me, so it was win win.

Lindex Official invited us along to Kew Little pigs which is situated in Amersham the whole event was organised so we could get picked up and taken to the event but I decided to drive as it was only just under a hour away from me. The journey felt much quicker than that and was a breeze.

I invited my eleven year old niece along as it was the school holidays and she couldn't have been more excited. Especially when Lindex asked us to choose a outfit we would want to wear to the farm each. It really was our lucky day. Savannah, Nellie and I got to choose one whole outfit each and had so much fun online choosing what outfits would be fab for the farm. Nellie is eleven and really into fashion so she decided on a pink teddy bear coat, black top with a knot at the front, a baby blue jumper with black lace detail on the shoulders and a pair of fabulous spotty baggy trousers. Savannah decided on a yellow rainbow long sleeve t shirt with matching yellow strip leggings (that she has fallen in love with) and a two piece pink waterproof yellow spotted set. This was so perfect for the farm. I love Lindex dresses so ended up choosing a long dress that I wore with black tights and Hunter wellies, with a brown fab bag & a green long coat which I haven't wanted to take off. The outfits were the cherry on the top of the event.

At the Farm we got to spend two hours in the pig pens with these beautiful animals and we got to feed and brush the pigs, Savannah's favourite was a pig called Mia which was super cute and if you brushed her tummy she would roll over and lay down. Honestly I tried so hard to get a boomerang of her doing so but failed! There was also a naughty goat that they named Rodney, Savannah fell in love with him as every time we went over to look at him he would ram the gate and he would get told of. He really was a little show stopper.

After having loads of time with the animals we had tea and cupcakes and then jumped in our cars/cabs to head to the Crown, which was about a five minute drive.There was about ten of us that had been invited along to share the experience and all the kids got on so well and really behaved. Savannah became friends with two of the girls that were sisters and the three of them didn't leave each others sides. So much so that when it was time for our sit down lunch she decided to go and sit with them. So Nellie and i sat and had a peaceful lunch which was absolutely delicious. I'm not going to lie it was perfect to be able to just sit and enjoy the food knowing she was happy with her two little mates.

The whole event was just perfect the clothes are fabulous and they did a great job keeping us clean/warm and looking good on the day.

Thank you so much for inviting us to this amazing press trip we really loved every minute.

Check out Lindex below, they have some amazing clothes and Savannah hasn't taken off her stripey leggings!

Savannah's outfit links

Looking for fab days out go and check out the farm it really is worth a trip.

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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