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The Band - The Orchard

Wow so that was a magical show that I really didn't think was going to make me feel the way it did! For the past two hours I literally felt like I was 15 years old again which was fab. I mean I don't want to go back to those days, they are in the past for a reason but for two hours on a Wednesday night it was great.

The show I am talking about is The Band, I'm not sure if you followed the TV series 'Let It Shine'

a few years back staring Gray Barlow in search for a cast for this musical? The main aim for the show was to find five boys to star in the upcoming Musical that would be called (yes you guessed it The Band) The five guys that got through are the same ones in the show today.

The Musical follows a group of five girls through there teens into adulthood and there joint love of The Band, like many of us in the audience were back in the day, infatuated with pop stars and teen idols. Mine had to be Take That & Peter Andre, they were my life I had the stickers on my books at school, fake dolphin tattoo around my tummy button and the wrist bands from all the tours. We covered our walls in posters and lyrics and dreamt about them nightly. The show, shows this so well and the first scene where Rachel is in her bedroom singing along to The Band really takes you back to those days and how it made you feel.

All through the shows storyline The Band are pretty much in the background singing the hits from Take That whilst the girls tell the story of friendship love and loss. I think this is very cleverly done as it could have been just a show based on a tribute act, but the story really plays with your emotions and has you on the edge of your seat. It also makes you realise that life is great and to sing out loud and be young once again.

The cast is great and the boys do a good job or thrusting and singing whilst dancing with lots of different props, costumes and balloons, but its the ladies that really smash it.The two in particular are Rachel Lumberg who plays Rachel and Alison Fitzjohn who plays Claire. Racheal had me crying and wanting to just give her a huge hug she really made you feel for her. Racheal was everything, she made a lot of women in the audience realise thats it's ok to change and not be the 15 year old, you once were.

The sets were spectacular from Aeroplanes, lockers and mountain tops you really were transfixed into the settings and felt like you were right next to them living the story. The best scene for me had to be the fountain I wont spoil it for you but just keep a eye out hehe!

I took my mum to see the show and at one point whist we were stood amongst the whole audience swaying with our phones in the air flashing the torches. (back in the day it used to be lighters and I always used to burn my thumb!) I glanced over to her and she had tears coming down her face. She said after that it took her back to when I was younger and we had gone to a Take That concert and how it only felt like yesterday.

I really want to go back and see this with a big group of girls and sing my heart out or maybe I should go on Facebook and find my old school girl group from back in the day we really did think we would be best friends forever. This show is fabulous and makes you feel alive again. A really happy feeling show that should be seen.

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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