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Benidorm live-The Orchard

Last night I found myself at The Orchard theatre watching Benidorm live. I have never seen the TV series so when I was offered tickets for the show, I wasn't sure what to expect. I told my sister about the tickets and she said that I had to take my niece Bea as she is a super fan of the TV series so I accepted the tickets and Bea and I headed along to Dartford.

The audience were all in their late 50s/60s and obviously big fans of the shows donned with Caps and t-shirts bearing the different catchphrases and quotes from the show. I honestly wasn't sure if it was my cup of tea, how wrong i was to pre judge!

The show is set in Benidorm and it follows the staff of the three & half star Solana hotel to try and keep the hotel open, after they hear a under cover reviewer is staying at the hotel. From the very start of the show your attention is grabbed by the hilarious characters the quick wit & naughty phrases that honestly have you hooked.

The set is something else (my niece kept saying before it started, I wonder how they are going to do the swimming pool scenes?) They managed to capture the pool scenes with only a tiny piece for the pool and then different actors passing through with floats and the odd deckchair or rubber ring which definitely set the scene. The set design by Mark Walters is so well thought out, the use of the different locations that are shown in the TV series are all featured on such a small stage and you honesty believe you are there. The way the set moves is brilliant especially when Mateo is by the pool bar and the rest of the staff are having a meeting in the office.You don't even notice them move.

Kenneth & Liam have to be my favourite characters in the show, I know its a obvious choice but they honestly have the double act down to a T. The duo remind me of a couple of panto dames which fits the show perfectly. The gags and punch lines are always delivered on point. Don't get me started on their hilarious costumes!The best had to be the bare chest t-shirt, tartan skirt and hairdryer hand bag! (I need one of these)

Jake Canuso plays the very sexy Pool bar man Mateo and makes every women in the audience, and I imagine a few men, fall in love with him, with his pure arrogance and self love, not to mention incredible dance moves he really is one to watch.

The whole cast are really strong and in the second act you get to hear some fabulous voices which I really wasn't expecting. Shelley Longworth who plays Sam is such a delight to watch and what happens to her at the end of the show is so sweet (I wont ruin the surprise).

I honestly fell in love with the show and characters, I am now off to download the whole series. As every time one of the big names from the show arrived on stage I felt left out as I didn't know who they were. The audience appreciation for the show was lovely eveRyone cheered and whooped the whole way through, this show is exactly what we need at the moment some old fashioned nastiness, laughter and giggles!

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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