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Fame the musical-New Wimbledon Theatre

The musical Fame is based on the 1980’s pop-culture film of the same name, and centres around the lives of High School Performing Arts Students in New York. Having seen numerous productions of the musical in various states of quality, I was still excited heading to the New Wimbledon Theatre to watch the high energy musical again.

This Sell a Door Production is the 30 Anniversary Tour and the show still packs a punch. I was very surprised to see so many kids and families at the show as Fame has many dark moments, including drug overdoses and eating disorders. Although they are hiding within song, it still amazed me that the kids were there.

For me Fame has always had a special part in my life, as it is a musical that threads the schooling I went through (The BRIT School, Bird College) and has a through line that I myself have experienced in all its highs and lows. The cast were punchy and they each had a clear idea of the through line of their character.

Although I did not agree to all the casting and directional choices, that I felt lacked depth and realness, there were many stand out performance including Simon Anthony (Schlomo) who gave everything in all aspects of performing, from playing the piano to his acting ability he really was pleasure to go on a journey with. Mica Paris (Miss Sheuman) whose version of These are My Children, which was just a vocal sensation and Morgan Jackson (ensemble) who stole every dance moment for me.

Top billing Jorgie Porter (Iris) did also not disappoint in her spectacular Pas De Deux with Jamal Crawford (Tyrone)

Sell a Door Productions always know how to vamp up a show and with Fame they didn’t fail there. It’s always interesting to see that even with its flaws a show like Fame can still please the audience even with only it’s last song, getting the audience up on their feet and raving about the musical.

Fame is playing at The New Wimbledon Theatre until Saturday 23rdand you can find further tour dates on the website.

Yours Sincerely

Joseph Dewey xxx

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