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Halloween with the piglets-

Halloween with the piglets - So twice in one year I have popped to Peppa Pig world situated in Paultons park which I didn’t think I would but I love it! As soon as you walk through the gates your taken back to being a little child and it’s just so fab.The park as I have said previously is pristine, there is not a piece of rubbish in sure and the gardens are incredibly well kept (something I never thought I would comment on)The whole Park is so bright and I believe it can only make you feel happy and smile.Especially when you actually get to meet Peppa and George and you see your little ones face! Halloween at the park is fantastic they have decorated the park so well, I was a little worried it would be to scary for Savannah but they have got it just right.

With over 4,000 pumpkins around the park it really does make it feel like Halloween has arrived.The parks Halloween event is on from 24th October -1st November and will make a even bigger return next year, so keep a eye out for that.The best thing about the park I think is the way they make the children feel so involved and they have organise a little Monster ball daily at three different times.They encourage kids to dress up and come along and join in the fun. The rides are all as amazing as the first time we went and we made a lot of use of them,going on a few over and over haha.The rides are all so close to each other which is great for little legs!

Savannah’s favourite ride this time was the little boats on the water and I loved seeing how happy she was when she got to go in this twice.Life’s to short so get yourself to Peppa Pig world and have the most amazing day to remember with your little humans! Each time we have been we have completely missed the 4d cinema event so. We will be back soon to make sure we visit this, as we have heard so much great stuff about it. Go check it out

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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