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Ralph breaks the internet-(Wreck it Ralph 2 Screening)

Where do I start? This highly anticipated sequel is a must see (well at least it is in my house ) from start to finish we couldn’t look away. The film takes the loveable Ralph & Vanellope along on a quest to find a wheel on eBay to save her game and save her from being homeless, you are shown lots of fabulous ads for certain internet compass and I was very excited when I saw Instagram (how sad)! Along the way the two characters make you feel all different kinds of emotions (who knew an animation could do this). With Ralph’s cute baddie image he really shows how much he couldn’t live without his best friend Vanellope. I took my 11year old niece along to the premiere with me, as I was unsure if Savannah would find it too long. I'm glad I did as in parts it does get a little slow & I think it is more aimed for the 7yrs up. I'm sure Savannah will love it when it’s on our TV at home & I can't wait for her to see it. The best bit in the film which I'm sure Savannah will love the most is when Vanellope enters into a room full of the Disney Princesses, this is every little girl's dream, Vanellope gets to hang with the likes of Moana, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty and even Elsa. The princesses ask hilarious questions such as 'were all your questions answered when the big strong man turned up?' 'Do you have magic hair?' 'magic hands ?' This is so funny and so real and its a very clever way of Disney to show how it can take the mic out of its self. All in all this film is packed with adult human (so you won't fall asleep in the warm chairs and dark cinema room) so grab your popcorn, kids and get yourselves along to see this fab film.

I was very lucky to be invited along to this event by the lovely Dare 2 be different Ambassadors. This is a non-profit company to encourage and introduce women and girls into driving and help them to achieve goals that they never thought they could. I took along my niece and she loved talking to some of the amazing and very inspiring ladies that worked in the industry. Please take a look at their website as they have some amazing.

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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