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Let it be- every night

Looking around, the audience everyone was, let’s say, a little older, but what a gem that I have found! I honestly would never have thought to pop along to @theorchard on a Monday night to see a musical based on The Beatles. I am so glad I did. I really didn’t know what to expect. The curtain goes up and we are taken back 50 years to The Royal Variety Performance where the band performed in 1963. In the corners of the stage there are old black and white TV screens playing real footage of fans back in the day. The fans are screaming, dancing and fainting, which really sets the scene. There really isn’t anyone around nowadays that gets audiences screaming and fainting like they did.

The whole evening was filled with fun. The four band members sing the whole way through the show and it’s just like being at a gig. I was itching to get up and dance most of the show. The only time I didn’t was when they played a few songs from the Sgt Pepper album, as I was unsure of these songs and have never heard of them. The rest of the time I was literally clapping swaying and singing along (even with my bad voice). I also found the old adverts they played on the screens hilarious. They even had one about smoking which I won’t ruin for you but was very funny.

This isn’t a breakthrough show that’s supplying new ideas and giving you lots of different angles or information about the band. What it does do is guarantee you a great night with some great songs. You honestly won’t realise how many of the songs and words you know. I was disappointed to see the whole audience the same sort of age group, and I think younger people would love it too, especially ones that have had it playing in their homes since they were small!

If you adore The Beatles and you are a true fan you will love this from start to finish. They take you through a lot of their best songs. The only one I really missed was Yellow Submarine. The idea behind the show is great and you honestly feel like you are watching the band at some points, when they do little jokes and digs at each other. One minute you’re watching them at The Royal Variety Awards, the next you’re at a huge arena in America. At one point we all had to turn our phone lights on and turn them around and sway. This was slightly difficult for some people as they were not sure how, but once they found out they all giggled.

My colleague and I even cried a couple of times. To be in a room full of older people reliving their youth listening to music that they once jumped around the room to made us feel emotional and happy at the same time. There was one particular lady who didn’t sit down once. She screamed and waved the whole way through the show and just loved every minute. This lady must have been about seventy five and just loved them so much and was so energetic it was catching. The other time I cried was when I saw an older couple watching and holding hands and singing to each other. I just imagined the song was their first dance at their wedding. They just seemed so happy and in love and that’s what music is for. It was fabulous.

The show is short and sweet but packed with greatness.

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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