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Oh what a night- Dream boys

So, as you all probably know, I have just moved my mum from her house to an assisted living house. It has taking a long bloody time but it's been worth every minute. The tears have come thick and fast from me and her but finally she is happy and settled.

Now that she has a little more time on her hands we have decided to organise a bucket list for her to make her way through. She has thought long and hard about what she would like to do and there are a few random ones in there. I have decided I will try to make them all happen, and so first up was a trip to see THE DREAMBOYS. Now, if you meet my mother this would shock you to hear. She is very sweet, and butter wouldn't melt, but she loves the film Magic Mike and especially Channing Tatum, so the idea of seeing something similar would be fab. I have had to warn her that he will not be performing which is a huge disappointment but I'm sure we will cope!

The idea was to get a little mini bus of friends to come with us and organise a surprise for my mum, but only two of my mates said they were up for the challenge of taking her along. I was really shocked by how many of our friends turned it down and said oh that's not my cup of tea. It’s not like Mum or me to do this regularly actually either, we just thought, “What the hell, let's have a giggle and enjoy ourselves".

The night arrives sooner than I thought and we headed to the Churchill Bromley, where we met up with two of my friends for dinner at Cafe Rouge and some wine for dutch courage. The restaurant offers you 25% discount if you show your tickets for shows at the theatre, which was a great bonus. It was a little embarrassing to hand over the tickets with The Dreamboys title on it, and the waiter did give my mum a funny look but who doesn't want a discount.

I am not a person who likes attention, so we were glad to see our seats weren't in the front row. We grabbed our wine and took to our seats. The show started with a bang straight away. The music was loud. Bright lights. Sexy smoke appeared with five hot men ready to give there all on stage. It took a while for me to relax and start to enjoy it. I had only had one drink and so felt a little anxious This was heightened when the hottest of the men decided to come out into the audience and ask me up on stage. I refuse point blank and lay down on the seat. I could never have gone up. I would have been mortified. Thank God I didn’t, as the girl he took instead of me had to rub baby oil on his chest and he threw her around the stage like an old rag doll. I'm slightly heavier than her and I believe he would have put his back out haha so I'm glad I declined for his and my sake!

The whole show has lots of great dance routines, themed role plays and fab costumes, including a few of my favourite; fireman, an officer and a gentlemen, and obviously the workman which was very hot. The men all work hard during the show and I'm not sure how they keep up with each other as it is all at a very fast pace. The show lasts for 2hrs 20mins, including a 20 minute interval which goes very quickly, and you hardly notice the time. There is a lot of audible participation but they don't push anything on anyone and when they chose an older lady out of the audience they were very gentle and respectful of her, which I thought was great.

Black Stallion - Wow, this guy needs a whole paragraph to himself. From the minute he arrived on stage he took your breath away. He knew just how to work the audience. Do not get me wrong, the younger guys were good, but the Stallion was another league. He is 55 years old and been doing this for a long time which shows. He was a true showman and destined to do this job and not just because of his apparatus. He literally walked on stage and got the audience involved straight away from getting everyone to cheer and laugh with his cheeky ways. I won't discuss anymore about him but when I got home I did have to show my husband the video of him, as let's just say he was made for stripping!

We laughed until we cried. I’m so glad we went. My mum honesty loved it and smiled the whole time and this is why we went. It's very tongue in cheek, literally, and very funny and something that I will remember forever. The dance routines could do with a polish but the guys have so much energy and do so many routines, so who am I to judge. If you're after an evening of pure fun adult entertainment with a good soundtrack, this is a must see. The music is fab and you want to sing along to most of them. The show is perfect for having a giggle or maybe going along on a hen night .I'm sure some of the shows get a little steamier if the audience are a little more drunk.

My mum's verdict was that she absolutely loved it. As a dance teacher for the last 50 years she did say some of the dancers weren't that great, which we agreed on, but I don't think people going to see this show are worried if one of them forgets a step. She also said just because she's 74 years doesn't mean she wants to look at old men all the time haahahahahah, and I think she has a point. Dreamboys, I think you have a new groupie.

Look out for us hiding in audience near you hehe.

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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