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Sands Resort Hotel - Cornwall

Cornwall again I hear you say, well I have always had a thing for Cornwall and a huge love of the sea, I would literally move there tomorrow if it wasn't for different things in my life at the moment but one day maybe it will happen. For now, I have decided I will visit there as much as I can to enjoy the thought of living there. This time around I went to review The Sands Hotel in Porth, just outside of Newquey.

The drive down to Cornwall seems to vary every time. I picked up my friend who was coming along for the trip and drive down, it took about 7 hours because there was a lots of traffic. The main thing was that we arrive in Cornwall safely and Savannah behaved in the car, which makes the journey easier. We arrived on Friday evening at around 7pm so check in to The Sands Hotel and Spa and then head straight to Porth to grab some food. Savannah fell asleep in the car on the way, so we decide the best thing to do is grab some pizzas and get back to the hotel so she can enjoy her bed.

The rooms are a really good size and over looking the sea which is a beautiful view even when it is late at night. Our room had two single beds to the back then a wardrobe opposite the bathroom. In the main section of the room was a double bed, TV, fridge, desk and then seating area, it was really spacious. The hotel has been around since the 50's so it is a little dated to look at but they manage to do a good job on making it feel up to date in the bedrooms. The only problem I had in the rooms was that there is only a very low lock on the main door and Savannah opened it straight away. This meant I was uneasy on her sleeping in the twin room on her own, as she could easily get up in the night and leave without me even noticing. I decided the best thing to do was have her sleep in the double with me and my friend slept in the back. I felt much safer knowing she couldn't escape. (They do provide stair gates should you need them.) We all slept really well and got up nice and early on the Saturday ready for a busy day.

Breakfast - The breakfast was included in the stay and was great especially for the kids, we went down a little later than everyone else and there was still lots of food all piping hot and fresh. There is a room for people with children which is pretty manic but fun and room for adults only so perfect for all people wanting to stay.

The Creche - Each stay is given a complimentary two hrs stay in the kids creche which is made up of four different groups Nippers 0-1yrs, Pirates 2-3yrs and Adventure club 4-7yrs and Ozone club 8-14yrs. I was unsure of how Savannah would be as she only goes to nursery two days a week but I thought I would try and see what happened. She loved it, at first she was a little unsure but one of the girls working there helped made her realise it would be fun and when I returned later she didn't want to leave. The creche should be booked in advance in case it gets busy. While Savannah was having the time of her life at the creche I was able to take some time to relax and enjoy the spa, win win all round.

The Moroccan Spa - Wow this really was a hidden gem, we didn't even know how to find it but once we did we loved it. We were treated to the Moroccan spa experience for two for 2 hours which was pure bliss. The rooms are made to look like and feel like your in Morocco and they have really done this well. The design of the rooms, the smells and music really make you feel relaxed and for those two hours I really did feel relaxed. In the spa they have a jacuzzi, sauna and showers with a room on the side that you can just chill and read some of the lovely books that they have placed around the room. The beauticians bring in champagne and cakes half way through which were delicious and added to the feel of the stay. Also on offer was green tea suggested to take with 5 sugars to get the real moroccan feel. This would be a perfect place for a group of you to hire for a getaway birthday or even hen do.

We got a call from the kids creche saying it was time to collect Savannah, so had showers chucked on a hoodie each and then collected her and made our way into Newquay to do a little shopping. This is where the hotel outsells itself, you can borrow practically anything to make your stay better so we choose to borrow a buggy. (Savannah hardly ever goes in one these days but she was shattered from the creche and I felt it was better to be safe than sorry. I did end up carrying the buggy around empty most of the day but it was a great option to have. There is a whole mount of bits and bobs you can borrow from wind breaks, buckets and spades, arm bands & even wetsuits. You can also ask reception if you need to borrow sterilisers and swim nappies they really have the kids covered.

They also have different events going on on different days so make sure to pick up a leaflet when at reception as there its lots for the kids to get involved in including my fave silent disco.

The best part of the hotel is the facilities for kids it really is fab.These are just a few of the things you can get up to whilst at the hotel

  • Tennis

  • Gym

  • Maze

  • Table tennis

  • Foot Golf

  • Indoor pool

  • Outdoor splash and kids fun pools

  • Basketball

  • Crazy golf

  • Football

  • Croquet

  • Zip wire

  • Bouncy castle

  • Soft play area for toddlers (only outside of Kids’ club sessions)

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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