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Peppa's super new rides

There is no getting away from it,the dreaded trip to a crowded family theme park full of screaming kids and dads moaning that they dont want to be there!So i was putting off going to one until Savannah was a little older and could maybe go on a few more rides and it would be worth the wait in the queues/journey.Monday afternoon along came a email inviting Savannah and myself with two guests along to the launch of Peppa pig worlds two new rides The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride and Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club.So we grabbed our picnic bags and headed to Paultons Park.

We picked up @mummydeer and Delilah (Sophie's daughter)and made our way to the park,traffic was minimal and after a few fake wee & poop stops on the motorway we made it in good time.Driving up to the park the kids were squealing with excitement as they could see it in the distance an targeted seeing the signs toward's the park.Parking when you arrive is very straight forward,so we parked up grabbed our backpacks and headed in.The entrance is a bit tricky as you go past the merchandise shop so be warned to direct your kids away from them haha.Theere are a few around the park and Savannah obviously talked me in to buying a Peppa Pig bus on the way out which she actually plays with a lot.

As soon as we entered the park we were greeted by the very happy staff and given fab goody bags for the kids so straight away they were super excited.We decided to try out the two new rides straight away before the rest of the press found them.First up was Grampy Rabbit's sailing club which are really cute boats that travel around a slow river whilst you get to look at all the amazing statues of the characters whilst in the boat you are given a tour buy some of the characters,this went down really well and the kids sat and listened to everything they said which was great and added to the little boat trip it also helped them to be safe as the characters told them not to stand or lean out to the boats and they both listened!We actually went on this a few times through out the day as it was there favourite ride.Once we jumped of the boats we travelled over to The Queen's flying Coach ride which takes you up over the Sailing club and you get to ride around the track in beautifully deigned cars.Its high but the kids loved it as you could see most of the park from here so they were transfixed.

We spent the rest of the day travelling around the park going on all of the rides, most of the rides didn't have to much of a queue so we managed to go on a few of their favourites a couple of times.One of the other favs was the dinosaur ride,this was absolutely fab two of you can go on at one at a time as it moves around the gardens whilst moving up and down.This made me nearly have to reach for the tena ladies as i laughed so much(be prepared mummies)

During the day we had lunch in the cafe which was nice enough the kids had chips to share and little sandwich boxes which was just right to get there energy back up for more fun.You can pack pack lunches and sit round the park which is a great idea if your looking to save your money,but we did this and the sandwiches were to squashed to enjoy so used the cafe.The toilets are great and clean and we visited these a lot during the trip with two toddlers potty training.

If you have bigger children with you there islots for them to do in Paulton's park and they can even go off on their own whilst you spend some time in Peppa pig with the little ones.We were very lucky to meet some of the characters during the day but Savannah was unsure of them so i had to have pics with them on my own(very embarrassing)By the end of the day she came around to them and would wave when she saw them but wouldn't go closer than that!

The park is fantastic and we loved how bright and beautifully kept the gardens are, everywhere you walk there are little touches of Peppa pig and its so exciting for the little ones.I even started to love the theme tune song buy the end of the day because you could see how happy it was making the children.If you want to visit you can get a hotel reasonable and very local just head to the site and see some different ones and prices.I really would recommend the park we all enjoyed it so much and Savannah is always asking to go back so I'm sure at some point we will get daddy to come along with us!

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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