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We are family @The Sipping Room by Drake & Morgan

'We Are Family' is the new motto for The Sipping Rooms in Canary Wharf and we love family and everything about them so we had to get involved. Unfortunatly the hubby was unable to come along so I called upon my beautiful friend Kaja and her little boy to accompany Savannah and I to check out The Sipping Rooms lunch and kids entertainment and see what they had in store for us to enjoy.

I couldn't get over how quickly I arrived at the restaurant so easy to find and pretty local. I got a lift to North Greenwich and then jumped on the Jubilee Line one stop. I haven't been to Canary Wharf for what seems like forever, I never think abut taking Savannah there, I always tend to think of it as a place for adults to enjoy but actually it's a great place to take them as on a weekend as it is normally quite empty. The water is fab for them to look at and see some great boats & wildlife, they also have free rein to run along as there are hardly any cars. As we arrive at Canary Wharf it is not a long walk but to be totally honest I'm pretty rubbish with Google Maps and I usually end up walking hrs when actually I'm on the door step of the place I need.This is exactly what i did on this certain day and had to hop in to a cab back to the restaurant!!

Once we finally arrived we met up with Kaja and Bailey then made our way into the The Sipping Rooms. The staff had a fab table reserved for us which was a huge booth which was great to keep Savannah and Bailey in. Walking through the restaurant i noticed not very many kids and started to feel anxious that the other people eating would get fed up with our little ones as it seems a lot more formal. I shouldn't have worried as everyone including the staff couldn't do enough for us (even the grumpy old man at the front that later gave Sav a smile as he handed her back her toy car.) We were seated and quickly served for drinks and starters for the kids which was great as meant Kaja and i could treat ourselves to a couples of cheeky porn star martinis whilst the kids were occupied.

The food options were great we choose a few different dishes for the kids to go with their apple juices. The plates we choose for them were great especially the prawn lollipops, home made garlic bread & hummous & dippers went down a treat.

I had the very delicious beetroot burger with truffle fries which was so filling I could not eat it all. We didn't even try a dessert as we were both so full. We will definitely be back in the winter when they have the globes that you can have your dinner served in with beautiful fur rugs and more of a winter feel.

All of the food went really well together and the kids pretty much finished everything which was fab.The massive plus was that the food for the kids didn't all come up pipping hot which they tend to do in some places and the children have to sit and wait for ages to eat. The best thing for the kids was the entertainment which was delivered by the very glamorous Miss Ballooniverse now she arrived in the most beautiful dress, smelling like summer and greeting the children straight away. She made some fantastic balloon creations including a Ariel and Elsa bracelet. During the whole meal I didn't get anxious or worried from start to finish as the staff really did help as much as they could.

If you want to meet Miss Balloniverse make sure to arrive between 1-4 pm on Sundays, she also has lots of puzzles and colouring books to entertain the children whilst she prepares the balloons.

The children were so well looked after and the food was quick and delicious that it meant me and Kaja actually got to sit and chat which is great so we will be returning for sure. Thank you for having us, we will be back to try out the dessert menu for sure!

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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