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Bethnal & Bec Retreat

The drive was fab all the way to the retreat not a spot of traffic in site, just what we like to see! We arrived in the beautiful little village with perfect thatched homes surrounding us and quaint little pubs. We arrived a bit early to the retreat well actually 2hrs early (super keen adults to be away from their toddler for the night) for check in so we headed to the nearest pub The Bull which was a very good choice we decided to eat here and stay in for dinner. The food and service at the Bull was lovely and very tasty, we didn't expect it to be as good as it was, I had a delisious soufflé starter followed by a incredible duck with sweet potato mash and veg with a cheeky cider .The place was perfect although it was such a shame about the wasps but in this unusual heat you can't really blame them.(I found this amusing as hubby jumped up and down every time one landed on him!). We got a message from @bethnalandbec to tell us the retreat would be ready for us earlier than expected which was fab so we paid up in the pub and drove to the retreat. The retreat is easy to find with its fab directions and lovely sign just outside, this is super handy for me because I find it a nightmare trying to locate places.

When you are nearly arriving you are given a code by email to enter for entrance and hey presto your in! The retreat decor is fantastic and just the style we love, the first thing I spotted was the record player so hubby popped on a record whilst I looked around and unpacked for the night. I’m a pro at packing and unpacking! The bed is in the corner of a big room with kitchen and open top bath which is just perfection because it’s cosy and intimate which was the vibe we needed for a mummy and Daddy weekend away. We open up the fridge and grab a few cheeky drinks and head into the garden which has a private jacuzzi for us, two bamboo deck chairs, fire pit and beautiful surroundings. Everywhere you turn is something that is planned for you from a light to take outside, fire-lights to light your fire pit, dressing gowns to wrap up in after the jacuzzi and board game to play to your hearts content. This was simply perfect and such a thought out little location.The best thing was the fridge for me as a mummy packing & organising for the three of us for holidays and having to worry about what we are going to do, eat & wear can sometimes be exhausting,so to just pull up somewhere and literally bring a bag is a win win for me and i think most mummies.

Spending your time here you are likely to just relax as we did we chilled in the jacuzzi with the complimentary whiskey & gin, I actually managed to read to magazines in complete silence and I even had a wee on my own! This place is designed to make you relax ,for you to not even have to think of what you need to do next and it captures this done to a T!

If you get the chance to head to this retreat don’t hesitate, the retreats are peaceful, stylish and designed perfectly for couples to enjoy each other’s company. The only thing you will need to think about is do I have a bath or shower which its a tough choice so i actually did both and with out a toddler going for a pee next to me this is pure heaven.

The venue would be fab for weddings, parties and special occasions which i know will be happening soon but at the moment the retreat is just perfect for minimooners ,couples trying to relax & mates wanting to go and have a giggle and some nice food.Coming up in October 19-21st they are launching their very first cooking and Carafes cooking course, which looks absolutely fab.The course will include a stay for two separate couples at a price of 570 per couple including a two night stay and a chance to make some delisious treats I'm already hooked on this idea.The retreat is also open to letting dogs stay and even had cheeky tonics and treats for them so no need to leave your pooches at home.

I hopefully will be heading back in the winter months as I think it would be a fab place to snuggle up and watch film after film after film on Netflix (which comes with it!) with a roaring fire at your feet,& steamy jacuzzi to keep you warm.Im looking forward to seeing this business grow and grow.They really are onto a little gem here.

Thank you for having us and if you too want a break quote SAVVYMUMMY and they will include a hamper of treats for your stay.

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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