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I want to go to the sea side

Do you want to go to the seaside I'm not trying to say that everybody wants to go just like the lyrics from one of my fave songs The Kooks, I love the seaside and you may have read that before,but honestly there is just something so mesmorizing and magical about it ,don't get me wrong it's bloody dangerous but i just seem to always be calmer and happier as soon as i get near the sea or water.I have worked on boats previously and nothing beats that feeling of waking up and hearing the water slapping against the bow of the boat.I really do miss that and hopefully this September i will get to experience that again when we go on holiday,but is just a few times a year enough? i don't think so and thats why i want to move to the seaside.

I have gone on about it until my husbands ears bleed and he's starting to get fed up with it but i feel he may cave in at anytime.Don't get me wrong my hubby loves the dream too,but he has the sensible head on his shoulders I'm just the dreamer,is it a just a silly dream or can we make it work?He has just moved back into london for work and so if we moved to the seaside he would have to commute longer hrs which means we wouldn't see him as much and i would probably be lonely as i have lots of friends around where i live but i know they wouldn't be be to leave there lives every weekend to come and see us.I think it could be a good time to move as savannah could start school in a new place which ould mean i would get a chance to meet some new mums and with mu insta I'm sure i could find a few mums.Its just so hard to decide i love london so much and the fact we can jump in a car a hr either way and either be at the sea or central london is amazing and am i being selfish moving my family to the seaside just because i dream of it.I just really love the bloody sea!I see myself become a surf mummy which I've always dreamed of having the surfer kids that walk around with skate boards under their arms looking super cool.What do these kids do when they get to 13/14 there really isn't a lot for them to do out that far, but then i think do i really want Savannah just hanging around shopping centres in saturdays chatting to boys!

i just wanted to write about this as its really bugging me i know I'm very lucky to even be having this as a issue but can anyone give advise if you have done the move and how have you found it?

My mum is now moved into a assisted living house so she would be happy to come and stay with us lots and i would be able to travel up in the week so thats not a issue its just leaving our friends and nephews and nieces.i don't have a massive support group with Savannah as my dads not hear anymore and my mum wouldn't be able to manage.i do luckily have my parents in law and they have Savannah if i need them which is fab and this wouldn't be so if we moved.I really am 50/50 pleas help haha.

The Savvy mummy xxx

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