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I like to move it move it -Madagascar Press night.

Driving to the Wimbledon theatre with a car full of people minus savannah has made the mum guilt very high!

The show doesn’t start until 7.30 and so Savannah would either be asleep before we got there or ratty all evening. It was a hard decision but I choose to go without her this time and take her at a later date to a matinee. To be honest I wanted to just enjoy a show without a toddler asking for popcorn or the toilet the whole way through, my anxiety could do with a rest.

I pick up a car full of friends and their children (who were all over 7 years old) and we make our way to North Greeenwich station,hopped on the train and head to The New Wimbledon Theatre. When we arrive the theatre was heaving with a fantastic array of different characters dressed up in their glad rags ready to walk down the red carpet (I walked around the side as suddenly got shy). We spot some men dressed in full on leopard print suits, which is to be applauded in this heat! We headed in and grab our tickets,very excited to get to see the new musical especially on press night.

The show follows the lives of Alex (played by the very hansome Matt Terry who is propbaly best known from winning X-Factor 2016) Marty, Melman and Gloria as they travel to Africa and out of the New York zoo and all of their creature comforts including delicious steak!This was shown to us in a fab song and dance where Alex the lion dances and dreams about his beautiful steak very well done and very funny.

This smash hit musical made from Dreamworks the same people that made Shrek the musical (another classic) features all of your favourite crack-a-lackin’ songs and hits including 'I like to move it move it!'This particular song is bloody fantastic, I honestly don't know how King Julien (played by Jo Parsons) manages it. Being in the audience was hot enough let alone dancing across the stage on your knees,whilst making everyone sing and dance, he really deserves a medal or a award!

This brand new musical from Dreamworks is fantsatic from start to finish it has all the key features for a fab kids and adults show timings (short but not too short), songs are fab length for kids attention, costumes are incredible and not too much of a story line for the kids to get confused. The show finished with everyone on their feet singing and clapping and a full standing ovation on press night is impressive. We took along children from the age of 2-14 yrs and they all came out singing the songs and flossing as this is what King Julien did. The show advises that it is suitable for ages 5+ .I think it would be great for younger ones as well, as long as you have some treats and they have had a nap.

I will be heading back to see a matinee of the show when it comes on tour to my local theatre and taking Savannah along and I honestly cannot wait. Please go and check out the site to see if the show comes to a theatre near you as you would be crazy to miss it!

Tha Savvy Mummy xxx

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