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The Gallivant-

The gallivant -trip without the toddler

Well this is a bloody treat if I do say so myself! A night away with the hubby for a little trip to @thegallivant which is based in Camber sands. We head off in the new convertible that I won’t admit I love (only a two seater so practically a stupid buy when with have Savannah)it should have taken us about one hour to reach the @gallivant but unfortunately for us at the last 5 minutes we hit traffic and it took us far longer because everyone and there dog was heading to the beach.

When we arrived were greeted by Freya who practically runs the place and is super! There is nothing she won’t do or find for you. When we arrived there wasn’t much parking space as a lot of people that shouldn’t have parked there had but Freya was superb in sorting and organised with out a blip. She’s a real asset to the @gallivant.

We decided we were going to used the trip to just relax and be with each other rather than head to the beach and adventure out. The first stop was the bar and this was a good choice,with the very accommodating bar staff who kindly talked us into a cheeky @duppyshare and coke whilst telling us about the hotel and the surroundings. We settled in to the @gallivant very quickly after this! The hotel is Very well designed and totally makes you feel at home by the sea. The staff are all very helpful and smile all the time which must be very hard in this bloody hot weather we are having.

We have a few more rums then are guided to our suite. Now this room is breathtaking and it pleased both my hubby and I very much, I am obsessed with baths and he is with showers so straight away our eyes lit up when their was one of each, not to mention the bath was a stunning roll top version next to the bed! The rooms are very clean and polished to a fine taste. The design is very nautical & rustic style mixed in together, just my cup of tea. As I am show around the room I notice a beautiful double window looking out in to a little garden with two cute deck chairs and am told this is ours for the remainder of the stay. I practically kick of my outfit and get changed into a swimsuit, I grab a glass of the prosseco from my goody bag,grab a book and run to the deck chair ,this has my name all over it, hello relaxation! The birds in the garden sang beautifully whilst I managed to top up my tan in pure bliss.

At 4pm every day the hotel supplies some treats in the bar area which consists of tea and homemade cake – complimentary for all guests of the hotel which we did not want to miss so went down to enjoy and we were not disappointed. I now believe this should be included in every day at 4pm. The bar was a little warm but I believea that no where is cool this summer and the heat was burning down this particular day. We decided to finish up on the delicious cakes and head back to the deck chairs.

The meal was scrumptious and just what we needed, the steak had run out which made us choose something else which I’m so glad we did. We both had the chops accompanied with asparagus which is my favourite and it topped the meal of perfectly. We had dessert delivered to the room so I could watch Love island (I know I know) but this actually finished the evening off perfectly. I ate cheese and crackers whist I sat in the bath pure perfection to eat without a toddler trying to pinch it.

The morning came around to fast,so it was a lovely touch to have our breakfast served in the garden on our deck chairs. I left the Hubby to finish his full English & Bloody Mary whilst I glided of to the beach hut to have a blissful facial I honestly couldn’t have started the day better. Time flew and soon enough it was checking out time so we packed up the car waved our goodbyes to the amazing staff and headed home. Hopefully we will pop back later in the year to see how the beach looks and maybe bring Savannah! Or have another cheeky child free break!

I do believe if you do want to venture to the beach the hotel will allow you to borrow wellies, blankets or if your lucky with the weather like we were flip flops. You can also order a luxury hamper to take along to help make the trip even more delightful. The hotel also allows dogs, nannies & husbands.

One of the sweetest touches the hotel had was you could buy a few items in the suit which I though was a fab idea. I love keeping menus ,matches,coasters or little memorabilia from special places I have been to remind me of all the places I have loved.

Thank you for having us, we hope to see you soon!

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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