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Festival Time with Warehouse

This time next week I will be packing up the car and heading to @campbestival so I thought I would give you a little low down on what goes in to making the most of getting away & having as much fun as poss at a festival with a toddler.The key is to plan and pack for every occasion and then you will be able to relax & experience the best festival by being able to relax.This is just a quick blog and will do a update on how the outfits,tent & whole expeience with a toddler gos.

Last night I spent the evening prepping and making our sea theme costumes with @mudkitchens which also helped us get in the mood for the festival and get excited.This year we have chosen to go as mermaids & little Luca will be a merman.Fancy dress is a must and we always try to go hard as I think it gets you in the mood and you end up talking to loads of people and it kind of acts like a disguise and I find I have more confidence and will just chat to anyone.

Outfits -

I was lucky enough to go and see the amazing @Domnink @warehouse to help sort what I should wear, sometimes being a mum I concentrate so much on what savannah should wear I end up throwing loads in a bag for me & just choosing onceI’m there.So this year I called apon Dom and thought Between us we could come up with some fab looks that I could try and rock! Dom did not disappoint,even before I had Entered the changing room Dom had picked out some outfits that fitted the bill.Having him choose outfits that are out of my comfort zone and I wouldn’t usually choose has been fab and made me start believing I could actually carry some of these looks of (sorry Dom not the orange dress)He has a tough brief to go by as I needed outfits that were cool(heat),comfortable, I could pop a tent up in , easy toilet assess,look fab and last but not least I could chase a toddler in!He came through with the goods and i left the shop feeling very excited for the festival with lots of fab outfits.The best thing about Dom is that he always makes me feel so positive after seeing him and makes me try new outfits that i might not have previously tried even sequins.I will blog with pics of the outfits i choose for Camp Bestival so keep a eye out to see what you think.


We have decided to only take snacks such as crisps,brioche,sweets and of course a little alcohol!We will be with kids so will drink responisibly and so have decided only to take a few options.

Camping gear -

This year we have decided to buy a bell tent after sleeping in one at Wilderness festival last year,they really are a investment and just thought sod it!The best thing about them is not only are they quick and easy to pop up but also you have loads of room to stand and get dressed.I have found when camping with a 6ft4 hubby this can cause alot of arguements so was best to invest or get a divorce!

Festival kit essentials-

Bell tent

Scamp & dude -kids clothes


Bunked-Bunk beds


Trollies (for kids to use as transport)

Sleeping bags extra warm

Pillows / blankets

Snacks & kids drinks

Potty (very important!)

Sun cream



Love specs -sunglasses


Kit & kin -wet wipes



Muddy Puddles raincoats

Bum bags

Wigs(in this i know we are crazy)

Alcohol & Fancy dress get up !

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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