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Be your own Super Hero

All my life I have wanted to be someone else,I have looked up to my older sister,cousins,friends,celebs even z lists & even become jealous of them but today it hit me,whilst i was driving back from dropping my mum home,that i need to look up to myself.I need to give myself a break & just sit back & think, I'm actually not doing to badly,appreciate what I have and have had & look forward to the future.In this life we are so worried about everything going on around us & often forget the here and now.We forget so easily whats going on in our lives & are transfixed on others.I think it is so easy to blame someone else for our faults or hide in someone else's shadow but at a grand old age of 33yrs I have decided I am the only one who can make my future what I need and would like it to be.Since becoming a mum my anxiety has been up & down like a yoyo,most of my worries have been highlighted.I am sure I'm not the only mum this has happened to!I worry from the moment I get up to the moment I go to sleep about money,food,clothes,fashion,bills,but the worst one of all is what can I do next to make my life better.

Savannah is always talking about superhero's and saying how she wants to be one,how they are so amazing & fierce,I really hope she can see all these traits in herself as she grows and one day realises when she looks in the mirror she is a suer hero in many ways just like all of us!

The Savvy Mummy xxx​

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