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Watergate Bay -Cornwall

I woke up like a little girl waiting for Christmas, so excited for a trip to one of my favourite places in the world, Cornwall, for a girlie getaway. I have alway's dreamed of being the blonde, surfer girl living abroad that owned a little shack selling juices on the beach, but reality kicked in and I am a mum of one living in Kent with a not so surfer type husband, (at least an hour away from the sea).

The journey starts with me feeling nervous as I have never driven more than 2 hours and was doing the whole journey to Cornwall, which takes roughly five hours, but challenges are good & the treat at the end of the motorway is worth it. Selena arrived at mine & we couldn't get away quick enough, we threw the bags in the back & head off as fast as we could, blowing kisses to Savannah on the way. The journey down is fab, we manage to dodge all traffic & make it in just under 5 hours with two quick stops & randomly no music. (I guess the two of us can talk for England so there was no time to flick it on). Once in Cornwall, we drove along the roads excited to finish the long drive & reach our destination. Watergate Bay, we approach the hotel & it took our breath away, it’s situated in a beautiful bay all to itself & sits perfectly over Looking the beautiful sea & beach. We knew this was going to be a lovely couple of days.

We park the car in the Hotel car park & carried our bag's to the reception, where we are greeted by the most helpful reception staff you could meet. They showed us what we had planned for our stay and the directions to our rooms which are really close by, we made our way up the beautiful white staircase along the corridor and found the lucky room 114. The room was perfect, it had a bed without a toddler in, which felt amazing, crisp linen and doughy pillows. The decor is very Joules inspired which suites the hotel perfectly, with surf pictures and sunsets adorning the walls and a beautiful aroma of the sea (I think they need to bottle and sell this!) We had two single beds with a sea view and this turned out to be my favourite spot of the hotel sitting on the balcony watching the waves filter out with surfers catching them, which instantly made you appreciate being away & completely relaxed whilst sipping a hot cup of tea (this never happens with a toddler) out of a lovely nautical Joules mug, life really couldnt be better. We settled in and gossiped some more and then decided to get ready and make our way down for dinner.​​

Our first-night dinner was in one of the hotel's three restaurants Zachary’s, designed to be used for breakfast and dinner, the restaurant is perfectly fitted with beautiful huge lamps, great lighting and decor suited for both. The dinner was amazing, we had incredible service from start to finish, we grazed beautiful foods including Lamb dauphinoise pots, burgers and to finish the most delicious dessert of all which was the chefs take on an Eton mess with raspberries and white chocolate. I am obsessed, I might even do the 5-hour drive just to have it again! As we had no children with us we headed to the bar, not really we went back to the rooms and had early nights, which was just what we needed.

Waking up to the sounds of the sea just makes everything feel better, we opened the curtains and we were greeted with the most amazing views (you really are spoilt for choice everywhere you sit, every point of the hotel has a different view and is just as incredible as the last.) We made our way down to breakfast after quick showers and yet again we are spoilt for choice with options. Selena is Vegan and even she had a tough time choosing. I was straight on the Waffles, I mean, making your own waffles what could possibly go wrong? I ended up needing a little help after maybe pouring a little to much mix in the waffle maker, once this is solved I made my way through the waffles that were incredible, covered in bacon and syrup a treat for the senses.​​

If you are worried about going to Cornwall & being bored don’t be, after breakfast we headed down to the beach to have a surf lesson with the surf school Extreme Academy which is great fun, despite the cold, I managed to actually get up on my feet on the board after about an hour and then nose dive into the sea, but I did get up and it was absolutely exhilarating when I did. I completely get why surfers get the bug and end up chasing the waves, it was so relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. With my adrenaline pumping, it got me thinking about surfing and forget about all the stress and thoughts in my head.​​

The surf instructor was so patient and made me not feel as stupid as I had imagined, and the wetsuits actually aren't that unflattering! Once we showered and dried off we had a few hours spare and after a crazy morning, we decided to spend the rest of the day going for walks along the beach, eating some more in the beach club restaurant situated overlooking the bay and just trying to chill. Later in the afternoon, I had a facial for an hour in the Swim club, which made me feel all Zen. Wrapped up in a beautiful fluffy dressing gown I headed back to the room and had an afternoon nap, whilst listening to the waves crashing, it was just perfection. That evening we dined out again at Zachary's as we just love it. I had the same dessert again!

The Watergate bay doesn't feel like a hotel, I think what it does is very clever it makes you feel like you are part of the whole experience. It almost feels like home and the whole trip felt like we had been there a lot longer than we had. It just felt so comfortable and relaxed it has so much to offer inside and outside, if like me you just want to chill inside the walls of the hotel you have lots of options, swimming, sauna's, reading, films and eating or if you are wanting some activities you can surf, attend a yoga class, hike or go for long walks. The Hotel is absolutely stunning and the staff make it what it is. I hopefully will be returning with my family asap as I know it has a great set up for kids with surf lessons, play areas, and not to mention the beach. All around this is a fab hotel try and keep me away!​​

I just want to say a huge thank you to Watergate Bay, as I managed to live my inner surfer girl even if it was just for a few days.

The Savvy Mummy xxx​​

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