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Surfs up at The Park-Cornwall

It seems like I haven’t sat still this year, what with my mother moving house & all that’s gone on in the last 6 week, so when I got invited along to the @park to spend a few days I was very excited to say the least. I messaged @mummy.deer straight away and I asked if she would like to join me, as I know she would make the trip more fun! Sophies little ones would play perfectly with Savannah & she lives very close to me, so win win!

It was a perfect drive down only taking 5hrs including lots of wee stops & the odd poop for the two toddlers (this was particularly hair raising whilst on the side of the motorway whilst savannah waved at going lorries). There wasn’t any traffic and meant we got to spend every minute on our little trip.

We arrived at @theparkcornwall and we where really impressed straight away! Everything on site is perfectly and beautifully designed for ease and for kids even down to the little things such as the bins being secure & showers being safe everything has such attention to detail. The reception is located next to the car park so you can whip in and out to check in without even having to get all the kids and luggage out. There is lots of info you can pick up or ask one of the team as they seem to be very helpful. We then got given our keys and headed to our cottage for the next few days. The arking spaces are right next to every cottage or very close by which is super handy for disabled guests or families.

The cottage was absolutely perfect for what we needed. It’s own little court yard with two deck chairs, pizza oven & picnic table (the gate could do with a lock that toddlers can’t open because our mischievous bunch cracked it). The rooms and beds were also great with lovely fresh bedding and we could tell there a lot of attention to quality. We will be going back to this very one as had great disabled and elderly access so will be perfect for my mother.

The kids played wonderfully together, the cottages are very child & dog friendly including cutlery, no vases to break & cot beds provided which meant Sophie & I could sit back and watch them play whilst chilling out.

They even have a soft play in the restaurant which means you can peacefully enjoy breakfast/lunch/dinner whilst the little ones play & you might even get time to have a conversation with out one of them interrupting. They restaurant sells alcohol if you have forgotten to pick some up whilst shopping, which definitely goes down well after popping the little ones to bed. We sat out on the deck chairs sipping cocktails chatting which was heaven.

The pool is very safe and kiddy friendly, the temperature was roasting whilst we were staying so was a great place for us to chill I will add that there’s not much shade around the pool so take along a parasol or umbrella if you have small children. The pool was filled with inflatables which we had great fun with and meant we didn’t have to waste money on another inflatable swan! The pool also has a beach bar that had the most amazing garlic, feta & bacon pizzas so make sure to try if you are lucky enough to visit. The inside pool is also great & has a sauna & jacuzzi to enjoy.

If you choose to head out the beach it is a five minute walk and the park has trolleys to hire. The trolleys are fab to help lug all your buckets & spades to the beach & tired moaning toddlers back.There are a few shops that sell ice creams, surf gear & toys next to the beach & Betty’s shop also has a cash machine.

One of the best things I loved about the park was there isn’t great access to the internet or phone signal which meant as a blogger I had to write notes and then put my phone down and switch off. As a mum this was super and I managed to spend some much needed time with savannah.

In the evenings we cooked pizzas from @northerndoughco on our pizza oven out side whilst the kids played hairdressers. Then once they were all washed fed & tucked up we opened the @duppyshare & caught up on Love island. This was Mummy heaven!

Dotted around the park are different areas for kids which is fab as means they are not over crowded at one time. If one is busy you just move on to the next, our favourite was the yurt which was filled with Lego, trucks, puzzles & fooseball. This one also had rabbits playing in the field next to it which was so picturesque.

The accommodation could not have been better and they have great choices to suit your family. From yurts to caravans the choice really is yours! Some of the Appartment seven have there own jacuzzis and amazing views. This would be a super place to go with a few family’s or even just lots of friends.I am hoping to return with the whole family and hire the yurt area,which consists of four yurts that can sleep up to 12 guests including jucuzzi,showers,toilets,laundry room, kichen and a communal yurt.This part of the park even has its own fire pit,which would be super for toasting marshmallows whilst playing some tumes on the guitar(i cant play haha)

Last but definetly not least there always seems to be hansomw men n hand if you need and extra linen or help with anything which is a mch added bonus.

Thank you so much for the stay,we will be back!

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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