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Ships Ahoy-Go Boat

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but I used to sail boats for a living in Greece,France,Australia & even Portsmouth so when I heard through a friend about the @goboats based in Paddington I new I had to get involved.I knew @mudkitchens would love to join in the fun so we packed up picnics & jumped on the train to Paddington with a couple of other friends,Savannah & the hubby.The journey we really straight forward and we didn’t have too many changes with all our gear. @goboat meet up is so close to the station but google maps couldn’t seem to find it and sent us on a little journey all of its own.Once we asked a lovely couple for directions we found it straight away & made our way to the little pop up stand picnic basket in tow.

To my delight we were greeted by two very dashing Australian skippers who helped us with our picnic baskets and check us in whilst hubby carried the watermelon.We where then shown on to our vessel,now they aren’t super yachts but they are perfect for the job and for up to 8 guests suitable comfortable (we had lots of room as only 5 adults & 2 kids)The Hansom Australian then guided us around the boat & map which plotted our course out with big x signs over parts we were not meant to venture to.Then just as easy as that we were off.Hubby wanted to set sail first and then ended up doing the whole course as your not allowed to drink & drive & when it was my turn to take the helm I had already had two glasses of rum whoops!

The weather could not have been better so we made sure to take loads of water sun cream & Rum! (Captains choice)Along the way there is some shade,but if your taking kids make sure to take hats and appropriate sun gear.We had all of these things packed and were on our way raring to go.The views are simply stunning and passing boats along the way you forget your in London,i love how in London one day you can be at a gig and the next cruising along the water gracefully.On your route you pass through Little venice and its so pretty you believe you could be any where in the world,with a rum in your hand and the sun on your back.The canal even passes through London Zoo so if your lucky you might even get to see some wild wolves or amazing birds of prey,which the kids will love.Savannah's favourite part of the trip was getting to feed the many duckilings along the routr and i got to take some cute pics along the way.The trip ended after 2hrs and we didn't want to get off it was a fab day with fab friends.I will be returning very soon with just adukts and think it ill be a different trip entirely haha!

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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