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One BIG night under the stars

As I ran out the door with my rucksack full of clothes,vests and tights my husband chucked a umbrella at me and said I think you may need this(Not what I was hoping to take along with me to a open air roof top cinema launch.All day the weather had been on and off,super hot & sunny one minute and then pouring and chilly the next so I packed for all types of weather inc the brolly and Headed out.I ran for the train as usual I was slightly running late but I managed to get one straight to Peckham Rye whilst bumping into the lovely Sian (truly madly films) on route and made up the time which was fab.Heading out of Peckham Rye station the venue is literally opposite but we still managed to take half an hour to find it,once we did we weren’t disappointed!After walking up what felt like a million stairs we were treated by some lovely people from the company and shown around the venue, straight away the view jumps out at you,looking out over the city is just breath taking and you realise how amaizng london is.The venue was decorated with deck chairs,beautiful plants,Wooden bench’s and high tables and then at one end a huge bar with rum!(and other drinks)The rum’s went down very nicely whilst we all mingled and posed in-front of different back drops and played on the huge piano that you had to jump on to play(little giveaway to what film was about to be shown)Once we had topped up the rum’s we headed in to the film area which was amazing.The whole area was full with deck chairs and head phones for the film,popcorn and a sweets area, and then the cherry on top was a tarot reader (I was to scared to try but the other Insta girls said she was amazing.)

We all grabbed blankets (I had 4) popcorn, and sweets and headed to the front row.The film was the classic BIG and was such a fun film to watch whilst outside with the sun setting watching Tom hanks jump up and down on the huge trampoline could only make you feel like a kid again and smile.The film finished and we all were shattered and cold but wouldn’t have missed it.Thank you to the Rooftop film company we will definitely be back or maybe we will be lucky enough to visit one of there other destinations like Miami,Los Angeles,San Diego or even New York!

If your looking to go book up ASAP as the tickets are hot property and sell fast especially in the warmer months.

The Savvy Mummy xxx

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