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What happen's at the mummy sleepover stays at the mummy sleepover !

The Thursday before last I decided to go for it & organise a very last minute getaway I had been wanting to do one & the opportunity arose so I grabbed it with both hands (the whole event was organised in two days!)The venue was to be the @fairoakfarm,the name of the events was Savvy sleepover & is the start of many events (fingers crossed)to be held for mum’s to get away with kids & have some much needed time away & fun!

I can not explain how much I wanted the sleepover to just be relaxed no agenda & no timings, so if you came along you could join in as much or as little as you like!

So the sleepover started with me running around like a mad women whilst placing cots & goodies in all of the rooms whilst trying to look after Savannah.Just as I finished people started to arrive, the guests as you probably have seen were Insta Mummy /bloggers from the Insta world.I wanted Mums to get a break and so choose some mummy’s that deserved & needed it.Once they had been shown around the stunning farm house & to the rooms,treehouses or caravans everyone was left to settle in.

We then met up in the impressive blue bar & that was our main get together area where we drank ,ate & fed the kids!The first night all of the children went to bed really well & Mums were lucky enough to share some luscious treats from @snscocktails whilst chilling in the jacuzzi(what happens in the jacuzzi stays in the jacuzzi haha)a few of the mummy’s had sore heads the next day but didnt let it show, this wasn’t such a bad place to have a adult headache as the children were kept so busy with a Easter egg-hunts ,trampoline,zip wire & an incredible little tree house with an old traditional old fashioned pram.

We were later treated to some delishious scones & afternoon tea supplied by a local baker which were an absolute delight,they arrived warm & fluffy just how scones should be served.Once we had finished we let the kids play & paint little easter eggs whilst we all had a little time to chill,chat & some of us lucky mummy's had plaits & blow drys done by the very talented @thehairstylist_vc Vicki)a couple even snuck in a cheeky cut.

Now this place if you haven’t heard of it is dreamy,they have two incredible tree houses that sleep two guests in each,two old style huts,shepherds huts,cows sheds & a beautiful farm house with decor that Erica Davies would approve of.The whole venue sleeps 32 guests & we managed to fill every room.The whole time we were lucky enough to stay at the farm it never felt crowded, I think this is down to the genius planning of the rooms & treehouses, you felt like it was your own.The whole place made you feel like being part of a amazing family with people we had just met & this was deffinetly down to the beautiul surroundings.

I nearly forgot to mention the animals!

The grounds are impeccably kept & are absolutely Insta worthy,especially when the children manage to get the peacocks to open up & show their impressive colours hich was a absolute treat,they are just devine & look like their heads are covered in hundreds & thousands of sequins.Beyond the Children’s area are some very friendly alpacas which added to the scenery perfectly.We were also lucky enough to have deers running past the treehouse in a near field on both mornings which was simply breath taking.Im sure if you looked for them hard enough you would see alot more creatures and wildlife.

The Second evening we were supplied with some delicious pizza bases from @northerndoughco & toppings so all the children & Mums choose there favourites & made some fab pizzas to fill them up on.After this we were treated to more prossecco whilst having a life coach lesson from one for the most amazing guests.We all decided not to make it such a late night this time & headed to sleep in our beautiful double beds.

The whole sleepover was incredible, since being back I have been sad that I don’t live there & can’t wake up every morning with the beautiful surroundings.Everyone that came along got on so well & really made a effort with each other, there was no networking or work to be done it was relaxing, fun & most of all the kids had the most amazing time being able to be muddy, shoe free & just be kids!

Thank you so much to the phenomenal venue @fairoakfarm & the wonderful staff they felt like family,nothing was to much for them.Also a huge thank you to the brands that got involved very last minute you made some women very happy 😊

The Savvy Mummy xxx


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